Mall Store's Entire Staff Quits at Once Leaving a Hilarious Note for All to Read (PHOTO)

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mall employees quitTalk about dropping the mic and leaving the stage. The entire staff of one mall-based Journey's footwear store reached their breaking point when it came to dealing with their boss. When the boss in question finally went to lunch, they decided the time had come to quit as a group.

Were the employees content with waiting until the end of the day to share their decision? No way. They marched immediately out and locked the store up behind them. But they weren't content with just leaving in the middle of the work day to prove their point. They wanted everyone to know why, exactly, they were quitting in the first place. To do that, they wrote a scathing note and left it in full sight of the entire mall.

While it's hard to say without actually working there, it sounds like employees Jess, Niki, and T.J. were more than justified in their desire to get the heck out of dodge. The note includes complaints against their boss like frequent swearing and treatment so poor that the store couldn't keep a manager for more than a year at a time.

Here's the note in full:

employee note resignation

Obviously everyone has the occasional bad day at the office. It's normal to have the odd fantasy of storming out dramatically. "That'll show 'em," you think ... but you never act on it.

As brave as their sign may be, and however much their boss deserved it, walking out on a job only hurts you. Among other things, it could make unemployment a non-option. If you've got a grievance with your boss, you owe it to yourself and future employees to work through it, even if that means bringing in a higher-up to mediate or as a witness. Keep a record, cover your behind, and you'll come out ahead.

Have you ever walked out of a terrible job and regretted it?


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nonmember avatar Guest

I've never walked out of a job before but God knows I've had one or two that I wished I could've afforded to do so. Like a couple of other commentors, I had a job that was so aweful that I used to get physically sick due to the stress. I would cry all the way to work some mornings. Prior to that job I always had borderline low blood pressure. That job gave me exttemely high blood pressure at the age of 31 or 32 and I had to go on BP medication. Even after I left the job, it took another year and a half for my BP to regulate itself and I was able to come off the medication. I'd have panic attacks at work AND out of work to the point that I'd feel like I was having a heart attack. And nowadays, with the state of the economy and the job market, most employers feel like they have their employees over a barrel and that they can treat them how they choose and their employees will just take it bc most people won't quit without another job. And with jobs being difficult to come by ( atleast they are where I live. Even mall jobs and other retail work)....well, you get it. It's ridiculous and unprofessional for employers to act that way and use the economy and job market to their advantage and use them as a tool to treat their employees like crap.

nonmember avatar Michelle

Ginger Sadler mentioned her sick daughter. I would have left in a heartbeat!

nonmember avatar Jhb

The boss in question is actually the district manager. Given that I don't live too far away from the mall where this happened, I've heard more than a few friends and their friends about this district manager and not one person has had anything nice to say about her.

momal... momalways1954

I walked out of a waitress job because the owner constantly told me what a lousy job I was doing.  I just couldn't take it anymore.  I told her "since I'm so bad, and you can do better, have at it"  - handed her my ticket book and apron.  Freedom!  It felt great!  She followed me out to the parking lot begging me to come back.  I just smiled and said "Karma can be a bitch". 

Claudia Mendoza Beisner

Yes I have and it was one the best things I've ever done. Well, I actually didn't walk out per se, I just didn't come in the next day and told them I quit. I found another job in less than a week. Trust me, it's not the end of the world.

Bill Chasteen

I walked out of my first job at 16 years old. Had a boss who acted a lot like this. Several others quit shortly after I did for the same reason.

nonmember avatar Sam

I think it is great! I to have had to deal with a situation like this and I to walked out right in the middle of a rush. I talked to other employees after that day and they said the owner was much nicer once he realized how awful he was.

Leanne Langston

I had a boss that wanted me to commit fraud...I refused & walked out..had unemployment benefits right away. If all 3 of them stand their ground & can prove the bosses treatment & actions, unemployment benefits won't be an issue. It is a shame that management takes on the role of an abuser to the point where good workers leave. 

Jason Madigan

to everyone who is backing them saying mall jobs are easy to hard do you think it will be for the boss to find new employees for himself?

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