Mall Store's Entire Staff Quits at Once Leaving a Hilarious Note for All to Read (PHOTO)

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mall employees quitTalk about dropping the mic and leaving the stage. The entire staff of one mall-based Journey's footwear store reached their breaking point when it came to dealing with their boss. When the boss in question finally went to lunch, they decided the time had come to quit as a group.

Were the employees content with waiting until the end of the day to share their decision? No way. They marched immediately out and locked the store up behind them. But they weren't content with just leaving in the middle of the work day to prove their point. They wanted everyone to know why, exactly, they were quitting in the first place. To do that, they wrote a scathing note and left it in full sight of the entire mall.

While it's hard to say without actually working there, it sounds like employees Jess, Niki, and T.J. were more than justified in their desire to get the heck out of dodge. The note includes complaints against their boss like frequent swearing and treatment so poor that the store couldn't keep a manager for more than a year at a time.

Here's the note in full:

employee note resignation

Obviously everyone has the occasional bad day at the office. It's normal to have the odd fantasy of storming out dramatically. "That'll show 'em," you think ... but you never act on it.

As brave as their sign may be, and however much their boss deserved it, walking out on a job only hurts you. Among other things, it could make unemployment a non-option. If you've got a grievance with your boss, you owe it to yourself and future employees to work through it, even if that means bringing in a higher-up to mediate or as a witness. Keep a record, cover your behind, and you'll come out ahead.

Have you ever walked out of a terrible job and regretted it?


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nonmember avatar Brittany

Why is this article written like the staff shouldn't have quit? I'm sure they tried to voice their complaints (or perhaps were so bullied by the boss they could not at all). Everyone knows all the reasons why they "shouldn't" quit a terrible job and it's true that many people cannot even consider it because they need the money too badly. Obviously it would be better for all involved if the boss behaved professionally so the employees could work in a good environment. But if that's not going to happen and you've exhausted all your options and your boss is still awful, there's no legal reason why you CAN'T quit. Whether or not you SHOULD really just depends on your finances and how badly you need the money. "Keeping a record" in order to "come out ahead" usually does not work in society that values capitalism more than anything else, especially if you are just a lowly retail / service / unskilled labor employee who is quickly and easily replaced. Maybe Rebecca Stokes should try working in the service / retail industry and see how highly she is valued by upper management and customers.

Misty Phillips

Good for them. I walked out of a thankless job years ago, and have never regretted it!!  Sounds like my former bosses may be related to theirs! 

Karin Richards

Well done them. It is hard to stay in a job and bring a grievance about your boss, very stressful and not everyone can do it. Lets just hope that the boss gets the sack or gets some people skills training!!

lateb... latebloomerw4

Sometimes you just need to stand up for what's right. And sometimes, more often than not now a days, taking it through the proper channels will hurt you more than this would and will get you no where except tagged as a trouble maker. To these 3, I say YEAH!!! GLAD YOU STOOD UP AGAINST THIS ONE!!

I'll be they're all in better jobs already! 

steph... steph0420

I've walked out of a job because of a power trippin boss who treated employees like shit before and lemme tell you it feels DAMN GOOD! 

Ginger Sadler

I have never regretted walking out of a job, i've only walked out of two, one b/c I was tired of the manager yelling at me in front of customer all the time, the other b/c my daughter was sick (like my mom was taking her to the hospital with a 105 degree fever sick) and they told me stay and finish or leave and not come back

..Alot of bosses in places like are on power trips anyway. He probably deserved being desserted in the middle of back to school sales time.

nonmember avatar Sara

First off this was a JOB they walked away from...not a CAREER. There are plenty of other places hiring for this type of "mall work". Next, for whatever reason it irks me that they publicly misused the word "role" and transcribed "roll" which makes them look like idiots. Seems like someone would have caught that between the three of them.

nonmember avatar friendleeT

I think this is justified. Yes, walking off a job may hurt you but so will staying in an obviously hostile environment. It's a fact that some people just should not be in charge because they lack the maturity to handle it; clearly their supervisor was one of these. The only thing I would have done differently is to contact the headquarters of the store with an email, outlining the reasons they were leaving and THEN left. This way, the 'boss' will have to explain.

nonmember avatar Tricia

Has any one read the note it says "dear Jamie since u say 'CANCER is not an excuse' what was this boss saying about an employee that has cancer is my question? That is a very personal touchy subject for some people just saying.

nonmember avatar Me

I kinda walked off job once. Well I never showed up, called though and said sayonara, no more. I worked in a store at the mall, my hours got cut from 23 to 9 a week, while they hired a new girl who took my hours. As far as I can see the only reason was because I was pregnant. As soon as my manager found out shed freak out over me not being there for christmas rush, or able to carry heavy things( this was in july). I called the store few mos later about my w2 and they had a new manager, which didnt surprise me at all

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