Mall Store's Entire Staff Quits at Once Leaving a Hilarious Note for All to Read (PHOTO)

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mall employees quitTalk about dropping the mic and leaving the stage. The entire staff of one mall-based Journey's footwear store reached their breaking point when it came to dealing with their boss. When the boss in question finally went to lunch, they decided the time had come to quit as a group.

Were the employees content with waiting until the end of the day to share their decision? No way. They marched immediately out and locked the store up behind them. But they weren't content with just leaving in the middle of the work day to prove their point. They wanted everyone to know why, exactly, they were quitting in the first place. To do that, they wrote a scathing note and left it in full sight of the entire mall.

While it's hard to say without actually working there, it sounds like employees Jess, Niki, and T.J. were more than justified in their desire to get the heck out of dodge. The note includes complaints against their boss like frequent swearing and treatment so poor that the store couldn't keep a manager for more than a year at a time.

Here's the note in full:

employee note resignation

Obviously everyone has the occasional bad day at the office. It's normal to have the odd fantasy of storming out dramatically. "That'll show 'em," you think ... but you never act on it.

As brave as their sign may be, and however much their boss deserved it, walking out on a job only hurts you. Among other things, it could make unemployment a non-option. If you've got a grievance with your boss, you owe it to yourself and future employees to work through it, even if that means bringing in a higher-up to mediate or as a witness. Keep a record, cover your behind, and you'll come out ahead.

Have you ever walked out of a terrible job and regretted it?


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allie... alliesaurus

Mall jobs aren't hard to find, so I doubt these working will have trouble finding new employment...but the store probably won't struggle long to fill this repositions anyways.

I walked out on a mall job similar to this. It was a very unprofessional and unclean place. There was no sink in the bathroom for crying out loud and other employees would just fail to come to work and I would end up sitting there all day (from 6 am - midnight during holiday time) and not get paid over time. I was the only employee in the store so i couldn't take a real lunch, however they would dock my hours as if i took an hour lunch because it was "required" ! After a year of this I left a note after one of my shifts and decided I was just not going to show the next day to open the store again to only be left there. They were screwed and didn't have the store open for 3 days. I had another job by the next week. No surprise that company is no longer in business.

Good for them!!!!!

Shannon Pataky

I think you're wrong.  I think if more people had the balls to quit based soley on principle, we'd have nicer bosses to begin with, not to mention, businesses that don't treat thier employees would be spotted out quickly and they would go under "coughwalmartcough"

nonmember avatar heather

It's not always retail. I worked for a bank for 10 years. Started as a teller worked my way up to bank manager. After 6 yrs in a branch went into retail operations. I was one of the best. Training to be a regional. I shadowed a regional for two years. Found out some people were losing their jobs. They had one position available for regional. I was a shoo in. Nope. They gave it to someone who was never a manager in her life. She didn't have a degree. But she was best friends with the hiring manager. I now work for a bank that appreciates hard work and dedication.

Spiri... SpiritedMom2

I wish I had the courage to do this! Bravo ladies!

Crazy... CrazyDaisy123

This is fantastic what those 3 did!  Kudos to them!  I believe the manager will be terminated and those 3 will be asked to return under different management.  If not, I'm sure because of their cause, they will have no problem finding jobs or unemployment.

Laura Rojas

I'd like to see Janie (or Jamie, it was difficult to see) explain to her higher-ups why she has NO STAFF, and believe me, enough people took a picture of this "letter" so they could show it to Unemployment!

salty... saltycoqui

I don't know if they tried to reason with the person. Maybe they did. Nobody quits easily. By the quote on the note the person sounds like a jerk. More power to them!

Samantha Sherer

I walked out of a job, i could not stand for my boss yelling at me across the store for no reason. I had a job a few weeks later. But most a year later i went back to that store to work, but with in 2 weeks of going back my boss was fired. I dont regret walking out and glad that when i went back she was gone.

Dodi Forgione

From how I see it and read it, it sounds like Jamie is a higher up already. Like say a District Manager. If she's lost a Manager, Co-Manager, and a key holder. Which means that these three or any of her district had no other recourse. If she has other stores follow this lead it will be bad for Jamie because she will need to explain to her boss why she's losing so many employees. It will show she lacks leadership skills, personal ethics, and that will not be what a corporation wants out there representing them in retail.

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