Mall Store's Entire Staff Quits at Once Leaving a Hilarious Note for All to Read (PHOTO)

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mall employees quitTalk about dropping the mic and leaving the stage. The entire staff of one mall-based Journey's footwear store reached their breaking point when it came to dealing with their boss. When the boss in question finally went to lunch, they decided the time had come to quit as a group.

Were the employees content with waiting until the end of the day to share their decision? No way. They marched immediately out and locked the store up behind them. But they weren't content with just leaving in the middle of the work day to prove their point. They wanted everyone to know why, exactly, they were quitting in the first place. To do that, they wrote a scathing note and left it in full sight of the entire mall.

While it's hard to say without actually working there, it sounds like employees Jess, Niki, and T.J. were more than justified in their desire to get the heck out of dodge. The note includes complaints against their boss like frequent swearing and treatment so poor that the store couldn't keep a manager for more than a year at a time.

Here's the note in full:

employee note resignation

Obviously everyone has the occasional bad day at the office. It's normal to have the odd fantasy of storming out dramatically. "That'll show 'em," you think ... but you never act on it.

As brave as their sign may be, and however much their boss deserved it, walking out on a job only hurts you. Among other things, it could make unemployment a non-option. If you've got a grievance with your boss, you owe it to yourself and future employees to work through it, even if that means bringing in a higher-up to mediate or as a witness. Keep a record, cover your behind, and you'll come out ahead.

Have you ever walked out of a terrible job and regretted it?


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crzy4mc crzy4mc

I walked out once.  I was 18, young and immature.  Yes, I certainly regret it every day.  I could have handled it better.

thump... thumphrey

As someone who hires for my company, if I knew these employees walked out this way, I would not hire them. Regardless of what the manager had done. It's unprofessional and shows an extreme lack of maturity.

RitzC... RitzCrackerz

.....Jamie can be a dude's name and I didn't read anywhere the boss WAS a female just saying....  as for walking out and leaving the note hey more power to them, hope they had a job lined up already though lol. Also at least they closed up shop behind them. 

Krist... Kristin_Allen

If you have never considered this, you probably have never worked retail.

I had a boss who was so terrible to me, I was taken to the hospital with heart problems. When I was pregnant. Some jobs ARE just too bad to keep.

shami... shamillionaire

Must be a Journeys thing! My old boss use to steal my sales all the time. Then he became part of the corporate team. Journeys sucks!

Josie Eckwright

I have walked off a job before.  I do not wish I could take it back at all. Employers have lots and lots of standards and expectations for employees and can fire them at any time. Some hold it over your head that they are an at will employer and use it as liscense to subject employees to abuse.  Just like an employer has standards they hold their emploees to, I also have certain standards i set  for my employer there are certain things that are demoralizing and I just can't tolerate. I do have self respect and a breaking point.

nonmember avatar Shelby

I worked as a night clerk for a gas station in my home town, I'd always get dumped with everything from the previous shifts because they thought I had all the Tom in the world to get it all done and to top it off the stores manager was always scheduled for five in the morning and I was to leave at six however he never showed up until eight after I had to deal with morning rush by myself and then bitch me out because all the food was gone the coffee was empty and the coolers were half empty and the coffee was empty and then one day he came in to tell me he was sick and would find someone to come in for him well at noon that day I called and said no one had showed u to relieve me and I had to work again that night he told me he had fallen asleep and forgot so when the person showed up I left him a note and walked

Gwendolyn Grace Musser

I walked out of Aldo!  I was next in line for Assistan Manager (going to school full time and working 36 hours a week, I EARNED it!  Aldo was my life!  I was one of the top lead sales for my DISTRICT and that included Santa Barbara and surrounding areas in Cali!)  ANYWAYS, Aldo changed district managers and before the old DM left she INTRODUCED ME TO THE NEW DM AND SAID:  THIS GIRL IS AN AMAZING EMPLOYEE!  SHE HAS EARNED ASSISTANT MANAGER!   Did I get it?  Nope.  I walked out.  Apparently loyalty doesn't mean anything so why should I waste any more of my time?  I had a bank job two weeks later.   :) 

Hippi... HippiPotPi419

A few years ago, I took a part time job as as cashier because I was bored of staying home all the time. On my VERY FIRST DAY, the manager stormed into the bathroom looking for me. I was trying to pee, and apparently that was not ok. She waited until I came back out and started towards the register, then proceeded to tell me, within 3 inches of my facem, that we don't just TAKE bathroom breaks. We ask permission, and we do NOT leave our post.

I remember busting out laughing, telling her that I am a grown woman, and that if after giving birth to 2 kids, I decide that I have to pee, then I will go pee. I then told her to politley fornicate with herself, handed her my shirt (I had on a tank top underneath) and walked out. NO...I didn't regret it one bit.

Josie Eckwright

I just wanted to add job that  the place worked at that I walked off the shift supervisor would literally scream in your face and turn all red and spit would be flying at you. It was down right aweful. I would get physically sick about going into work. Enough people most have done the same thing and complained because, they called me and wanted me to come back after I walked off and I said no way! Then they asked if it would change my mind any now that they fired the guy. I said sure, I'll be there Monday.

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