Dad's Shirt Gets Whole Family Kicked Out of Theme Park

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Dad kicked out of theme parkA family took their 16-year-old to Universal Studios for her Sweet Sixteen to see the Blue Man Group. How is this news (other than the fact that kids are actually asking to go see the Blue Man Group)? Because dad's "police" t-shirt got the whole family kicked out of the theme park in what sounds like the biggest security screw-up of the week. 

The story goes that Christian Jarosz wore a t-shirt he got from his brother, a cop, to the show at Universal. When he got there, security told him he'd have to change.

But then they decided to do something entirely different.

They kicked them out and -- according to Diana Jarosz -- threatened to have dad arrested!

According to a Universal release to the press, the shirt was a violation of park rules that stipulate "only law enforcement personnel are allowed to wear shirts in the park identifying them as police officers."

Fair enough. But Jarosz says he offered to buy a shirt right then and there to replace the Police Street Team Unit tee he was wearing. Security said OK ... but then changed their minds and kicked him out.

Uhhhhh ... how are people supposed to follow rules if you don't let them?

Could this dad have been being a bit of a jerk to security so they lost it? Who knows. It's highly possible, but it could just as easily have been the other way around. We've all dealt with heavy handed security folks before, folks who think a light up stick has made them the king of the world.

The fact remains that any establishment that sets rules for its patrons has to allow patrons an ability to follow said rules. Don't want certain t-shirts on premises? If you don't make that clear ahead of time (there were no big signs outside Universal telling this dad his shirt was a no-no), then you must give a person a chance to change said t-shirt.

Let's just set the shirt aside for a second. Say you're somewhere that doesn't have no smoking signs and you light up. Security comes over and says, wellll, actually there's no smoking here. Should you be thrown out for lighting up? Not if you say, "Whoops, sorry," and snuff your butt.

Most people are not mind readers! Ignorance of the law may not be a defense in court, but ignorance of a private establishment's rules that aren't publicly listed? That's pretty clear cut, folks!

The public posting of rules or reasonable enforcement of them -- such as allowing someone to change a t-shirt that's not acceptable -- is part of showing how you value (or don't value) your customers.

Universal, by the way, has since apologized, and the family was refunded their $500 (gulp) ticket price for the Blue Man Group.

Have you ever been kicked out of an establishment? What happened?

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SaphireH SaphireH

If there was no posting of such rule then honest mistake and if he offered to change right then with no argument then why kick him out? If he was a dick i can understand stand it but if not then how stupid of them to kick the family out

jrphelps jrphelps

My dad did a bunch of work for the FBI.  We all have official FBI shirts & we wear them while we are flying & get rushed through security!!

tcfla tcfla

If the law doesn't prohibit the wearing of said shirts, than I don't see why the man wasn't allowed to change.  But I don't think these shirts should be worn by the general public. 

nonmember avatar Kristi

If I had to guess, he was more than likely being an a-hole about the whole thing thus the ejection. How stupid do you really have to be to think wearing that type of a shirt in that busy of a place is acceptable? Duh.

Autum... Autumnleaves87

There has got to be more to the story.. This guy was probably acting like a douche and got all upset and tried to say that stupid "the customer is always right" bull sh** and got kicked out. People are so self righteous these days. Rules are rules bud. Shut it and follow them.

Shena Smith

clealr y most of u idiots didnt read the story HE OFFERED TO BUY A NEW SHIRT AND CHANGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stacie Skaggs

The father changed shirts and so no matter what they were in the wrong for throwing the family out. That was uncalled for. They clearly let him spend money there to buy a new shirt then kicked the family out anyways?? What is wrong with people these days. I understand them not wanting non police to wear that and I do agree but to handle it in that manor is just moronic!

Amanda Johnson

He might not have. I went to universal a few years ago and was told I was "to fat to ride a ride to get off the plat form." that is how the employee said it to me. By the way I had rode every other ride in universal and Disney, with no problems. The other people that was getting on the ride and my self went to customer service because he was yelling at me. And they did nothing. Complete strangers went with me to let them know how their employee was acting and they did nothing. lol So I can so see them doing something like this.

Kit Willmot-Hickey

The rules should have been posted outside. It should have been remarked upon when he bought the tickets.... and even though they later apologized and refunded the admission price, how do you get a DO OVER for a Sweet Sixteen?

Polly Aldrich

could of just turned it inside out till the show was done  


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