Kate Middleton & Prince William Keep Princess Diana's Memory Alive in Most Touching Way

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kate middleton prince williamIt's crazy to think that it has been 16 years since Princess Diana passed away. The anniversary of her death was just this past Saturday, and of course, that must have been a particularly tough day for Prince William. But no matter, he chose to mark the occasion in an especially touching way: By spending part of the weekend visiting his late mother's family with Duchess Catherine and little Prince George. Aww ...

According to Britain's Daily Express, the couple spent time with Lady Sarah McCorquodale, Diana's eldest sister. The young royals and their newborn were spied boarding a helicopter just six miles from the farmhouse where 58-year-old Lady Sarah lives with her husband Neil, a farmer and former Guards officer.

It's been known for a while that Wills is particularly close with Lady Sarah, who actually dated Prince Charles in the late '70s ... before he married Di, of course. And even though they both dated the heir to the throne, Sarah and Diana remained very close. She was, in fact, Diana's informal lady in waiting, and when Wills was little, he and Harry would play with Sarah's children -- his cousins -- often.

Also, it was Lady Sarah -- along with younger sister Lady Jane Fellowes -- who flew to Paris with Prince Charles to bring Diana's body back to England, following the 1997 car crash that killed both Diana and her boyfriend, Dodi Fayed, and chauffeur Henri Paul. Given that she's been right there for a lot of the tough family drama of Wills' past, it's not surprising that he maintains a tight bond with his aunt -- and wanted to spend some time with her after George's birth and during the anniversary of Diana's death. 

After all, besides finding support in Lady Sarah's company, bringing baby Georgie to her side keeps Di's memory alive for the little boy in a wonderful way. It's truly heartwarming to think that this future King of England will be able to grow up with a great aunt who was so close with Diana ... helping him to better understand his roots and his late grandmother's incredible legacy.

Are you touched by how Kate and Wills marked the anniversary of Diana's passing?

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nonmember avatar Chelsea

*Duchess Katherine...with a K?

Todd Vrancic

That's so sweet.

nonmember avatar Nancy

um, no. it's catherine with a "c".

Susan Peters

these two are the greatest couple, the best of the Royal's so far in my opinion

nonmember avatar Deborah

Everyone is worried about spelling of her name and i saw that they called William, Wills what the heck is that. I think we should be happy that the baby is doing ok and visiting family. so happy for all of them. Love it that they are visiting Princess Diana's side of the family as well they are still William's relatives

Brenda Lee Barker

no surprise at all, These Men were raised right, so righteous.

mustb... mustbeGRACE

Wills needs the women around him and that is so awesome!

Laura Clements Hamann

They took the baby to visit family.  Glad they did it on Diana's anniversary of her passing, but it's normal to visit family anyway.  I'm glad Wills keeps in touch with his maternal side of the family, as he should!

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