Former Cheerleader Dies After Asthma Attack & 'Friends' Dump Her Body Roadside (VIDEO)

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When you hear that phrase, "What is wrong with people nowadays?!" it seems to apply to stories like these. I think it's fair to say that the vast majority of us, if our friend was having a massive asthma attack, would call 911. Or drive her to the hospital. Or something. But one person is in jail and three others are facing charges in Pickens County, Georgia, after their beautiful 20-year-old friend, Taylor Smith, reportedly suffered an asthma attack while hanging out with her pals. After her death, these so-called friends dumped her lifeless body on the side of the road. With friends like those, you really need some laws!

Reportedly, the friends were with Taylor, a former cheerleader, when she began suffering an asthma attack, from which she'd suffered her whole life, and they tried to "revive" her by putting her in a cold shower.

When that didn't work, they drove her body to an empty mobile home and dumped it on the lawn. Said Taylor's heartbroken mother, Tanya, who is a police officer:

She didn't deserve just to be dumped on the side of the road, just because they didn't know what else to do. As a mother, I'm so angry, so angry that they treated her the way that they did ... There was a thousand other scenarios they could have done.

Lest you think these are all young kids who maybe panicked -- two of the suspects were well into middle age. One, Marty Gaddis, is 38. The other, Denise Patterson, is 51. They're being charged with concealing a death, abandonment of a body, tampering with evidence, and drug charges.

Since there's drug charges in there, perhaps the older pals thought calling an ambulance for a dying friend might expose their drug usage. One reason that it's good to have laws that protect people from drug charges if they bring someone who has overdosed to the hospital -- though police say that Taylor died from a seizure or asthma attack, not drugs.

If it can be proved that these people stood by and let Taylor die, they should be charged with that too. These were supposed friends. How do you dump your friend's body on the side of the road after doing nothing to help save her life?

Well, apparently some people do do it. And they deserve to be punished. Harshly.

Taylor's mom hopes that young people will take this as a lesson to pick their friends wisely, saying: "If Taylor was with people who truly loved her, she'd be alive today."

Do you think the "friends" deserve jail time?

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CLM3345 CLM3345

Yes, they absolutely deserve jail time. What a horrible thing to do. RIP Taylor :(

katyq katyq

Sick, what if a hospital could have saved her!? This is so tragic.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

Fom what you've said I'd be thinking manslaughter charges. It sounds like they had plenty of time to call for help and didn't bother. That said, asthma can kill quickly and without warning. I knew a girl in school who died while on vacation. She knew she had asthma and took her inhaler but for whatever reason it wasn't enough and she was dead within a few minutes. She was recently engaged too, very sad. 

youth... youthfulsoul

Sounds like they were all doing drugs, hence the cold shower, they  probably thought she was od'ing.  Not saying it was the right thing to do,  but makes sense they thought she od'ed and didn't want to be implicated. 

nonmember avatar krystal

What does her being a ex cheerleader have to do with anything why would that even need mentioning. I wouldn't give a damn if she was a lazy bum no one deserves what they did to her.

Shelley VF

This happened to a friend of mine, he had a seizure while doing drugs (I HATE drugs) and his " friends " left him convulsing in the backseat of a car and left. He didn't make it. I am praying for this girls family.

Robin P. Reissig

yes they deserve jail time, they same as let her die and then to dump her like she was trash, that is wrong, they could have taken her to the emergency room and then left or called her mother to come and try to help or just plain called the squad.

Robert Elliott

38 and 51 year old friends, why a 20 year old was hanging with these guys and drug use, crazy

LoinND LoinND

If they could drive her to an empty trailor they could have taken her to a hospital - charge them all with manslaughter!

Gina Hodgson

For Starters They Were NOT Her Friends ... Friends Dont Do Things Like That ... And Yes They All Deserve Time In Jail ... Do The Crime Face The Time ...I Have More Faith In My Dog Than I Do Humans ... I Can Count On My Dog For Unconditionally Love ... Humans Have Just Become The Way That They Perceive Animals To Be ... Animals Themselves ... Very Sad ...

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