Baby Found Alive in Trash Bag Is a Very Special Kid (VIDEO)

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How many times have we heard this sickening story before: a newborn baby tossed out into the world, not into the loving arms of new parents, but stuffed into a toilet, left in the woods, or -- in the worst case, but all too familiar scenario -- found inside a trash bag in a garbage container. That's what happened to this infant boy, whose mother (or someone else, but likely the mom) didn't want him. Instead of giving him a chance at life by leaving him at a hospital, fire station, or other safe haven, she tossed him out like a day-old bagel. But ... for the miracle. The boy was found alive! And he was found thanks to some teens playing the area.

The baby was found in the trash dumpster behind a building in Jersey City. Building superintendent Arturo Rivas said that normally he stops teens from playing in that area, but this day he didn't, and they heard cries and saw something moving in the trash. The teen boys alerted Arturo's wife, Rebecca Womers, who rushed to the scene to find the horror there. She said:

I opened the bag from the bottom and it still had the umbilical cord attached.

The baby had been born premature. She said she cleaned him and noticed he was still breathing as she waited for an ambulance to arrive. Arturo said of the boys who found the newborn: "Thank god they were back there."

Well, here's what we can do here: We can rail against the mother, presumably some heartless or terrified young woman who did not want her baby, and did not care if it lived or died in a trash bag inside a trash pile.

And this is what this child will know: That he was thrown away like trash. Literally. What will this do to him?

Or, we can look at it this way. This baby got away from his mother, and whatever situation she was in that made her do this. He got away from it so early, he won't be scarred by any of it.

The teens found him -- teens that normally wouldn't have been playing near there, because the fates wanted him to be found. Some would call it God. Some luck. Some the universe. Some destiny.

This baby had the great fortune to be able to escape a bad situation and be found alive. Now he will have plenty of opportunity in this life with a new family. (Please do not tell me he will go back to mom if she is found.)

This is what I hope this child knows of his situation. That he's special.

What do you think of this situation?


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ankharra ankharra

I get so sick of these posts empathizing with people who throw their babies away.  It's disgusting.  There is no excuse to kill or leave a baby for dead when there are Safe Haven laws.

Angela Martin

um this is not empathizing with the horid mother but the baby it says right at the bottom of the story ...(Please do not tell me he will go back to mom if she is found.) how is that empathy for the woman who tossed him in the trash?

Lorrie Manes

I really hope there is an especially horrible place reserved in hell for this woman. There is ZERO excuse for this. if she could not take care of him or did not want him then she should have left him at a safe haven site. i wish this little guy well and much love in a new home. the teens that found him are heroes in my book.

nonmember avatar kerry

this is so sad. i cant imagine how people do this. my youngest son is 3 months old so it hits me hars.

Mary Ryan

so sad i hope the baby goes to a good home that will love him there is alot of people in this world that cant have kids the mother could of found a good home for him and if guys and woman that dont want kids than dont have sex or use something to where u dont get knocked up

nonmember avatar Sue

I think the baby should go to a good home and never tell him what happen to him that his mom did him the way she did . I had three kids and it was hard there father left cause he hadn't had enough fun in his life yet didn't want to be tied down but I kelp all three of my kids and thre all grown up and I have ten beautiful grand kids one in kindergarten all the way to collage. No one ever has to throw away a baby there are plenty of loving people in this world that would have taken him. She should be fixed to never have kids again.

Olga Valadez Alvarado

OMG! I can believe how crucial this world has become but to do this to a premature baby is unforgiveable, this baby will grow to be a someone only because the almighty kept alive for some reason. may he go some blessed loving family that really can give him all the unconditional love he deserves and more. God bless this baby and the family that yet awaits!

RussellandAmanda Dickard

I CAN'T IMAGINE!!!!! There is a purpose for that little boy's existance and I pray that he will go strong in the Lord and find a family that will never let him go!

Suzanne E. Helch

It makes me want to cry especially when there are so many loving couples trying so hard to have babies and can't, my daughter and in son in law included. 

nonmember avatar Chelsea

I find it disgusting how this is found so appalling, yet babies are torn apart to bloody bits and throw in the trash can everyday. Disgusting... I'm sorry but there is something seriously wrong with our society.

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