Kyron Horman's Mom Takes Missing Boy's Case Into Her Own Hands & Finds New Evidence

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Kyron HormanIt's hard to tell whether the latest news in the case of missing Oregon boy Kyron Horman is good or bad. Kyron's mom, Desiree Young, was foiled in an attempt to get answers out of the missing boy's stepmother earlier this year when she had to drop a lawsuit against Terri Horman, but she hasn't given up without a fight. Over the weekend, Young organized a search around the elementary school where Kyron was last seen in 2010, attending a science fair.

Let me repeat that. The search around Skyline Elementary wasn't run by police. It was run by Kyron's mom. And they found something!

Or, at least, Young says the crew of 60 volunteers, two nonprofit organizations, and 10 search dogs turned up "a lot of things and possibly evidence," which were turned over to the Multnomah County Sheriff's Office.

For Young's sake, I actually do hope they found something in the search for her son -- if only to give her closure. This poor woman has spent three years wondering what happened to her little boy, unable to move on. As Desiree Young told reporters,

I still feel like I'm stuck back on June 4. I can't move on from that because I don't have answers, I don't have Kyron.

And it's not for lack of trying.

Young sued Terri, who dropped Kyron off at elementary school that fateful morning, because she said she hoped the suit would make the boy's stepmother open up about what happened that day. Kyron's dad, Kaine Horman, has allegedly filed for divorce because he too thinks she was somehow involved in the child's disappearance.

The lawsuit didn't work because police couldn't share evidence from the case with Young, evidence she needed to proceed in court.

That put her back to square one.

Hence the search over the weekend.

And ... hopefully ... some answers for Kyron's parents

And yet ... do answers come at a cost? What about justice for Kyron? We don't know what exactly happened to him three years ago, but we do know SOMETHING happened, and SOMEONE should have to pay.

If a group of volunteers found crucial evidence, evidence that could nail the person responsible for stealing this child away from his family, it may answer what happened to Kyron, but will it be useful in court if the cops weren't involved? Maybe I've watched too many courtroom dramas, but I worry that any attorney worth his salt would have a ball with evidence handled by amateurs, with a crime scene that was possibly compromised by non-police tromping through there. A search by volunteers is a great thought, but I can only imagine it would make for a legal headache in the quest for justice. 

Then again, the person responsible for Kyron's disappearance has gotten away with it for three years AND his parents have had no answers. Not pursuing answers isn't getting them any closer to justice for Kyron.

Something has to give here for this poor family.

Put yourself in Desiree Young's shoes. Would you have organized a search or would you wait on the police?


Image via National Center for Missing and Exploited Kids

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abra819 abra819

Terri, speak up bitch. This baby needs to be laid to rest now.

adamat34 adamat34

Amen abra!

Angie Alzola

I'm with you, Abra... This poor mother has been too kind. I would have been in jail by now. 

Alexandra Rose Nash

I miss Kyron. I never met him, but I miss him. 3 years is too long. We need to know what happened now. I hope they find a way to get Terri to talk. 

nonmember avatar jewels

first of all why did terry never get arrested for trying to hire a hitman. second, i hear caine had troubles with someone he worked with at intel and he might also be involved. third why is it the cops and the cia among other agencies spent so much time and money on this child and did not give three other missing children at the time any publicity at all. i have heard this is just another scam to get more people to donate money.

belly... bellydancinmama

I would be out there searching every day until I found out what  happened or where my child was.  I have followed this case from the start and I cannot imagine the heartache this family goes through every day.  Terri Horman knows what happened to Kyron and may she live the rest of her life haunted by her decisions :(


We live in Oregon... everyone still takes this case seriously. The billboards are still up. There are still yard signs, and coffee events, etc. So yes, I do believe the cops will take any evidence seriously. The community has NOT forgotten, and we live HOURS from where this happened. 

lateb... latebloomerw4

The court system needs an overhaul if this evidence is not considered because it was not obtained by the cops! I can't imagine why the cops didn't do a complete search of that place to begin, with on that day this boy disappeared. It was the last known place that he was seen. You would think the investigation would have started right there. Something is not right....Makes a person wonder if there is there a cover up for some reason?

nonmember avatar Kelly

This case still tugs at my heart and I just wish we could all know what happened to Kyron. That step-mother knows something and if it were me, I would be in jail because I would go after her to find out.

adopt... adoption2013

I can't tell you what I'd do because it would be illegal and it would be counselling a criminal offense.   However, no I wouldn't wait for the cops.  I'd be doing time Myself after I got through with her.

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