Convicted Rapist Collapses When He Hears He May Have Contracted HIV -- From His Victim

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rapist HIVA British man who admitted to raping a woman at her home and was sentenced to five years in prison collapsed upon hearing the news that his victim has HIV and may have passed it to him.

Richard Thomas let himself into his victim's home in the middle of the night while she slept (she had taken a sleeping pill). She woke up to find him raping her. He claims he can't remember and that he was both drunk and on drugs, but that he "believed her." Well, isn't that nice.

Thomas will find out later this week whether he contracted the disease from his victim, but my guess is there won't be a lot of tears shed for this guy. Even his own lawyer said:

It is his own fault. If he had not committed this offense, he would not have placed himself in this position.

True words. And yet, there are some aspects of his story that are sad. Apparently he had been using drugs heavily since he was a fairly young child and even his own family wants nothing to do with him. He also has young daughters and a partner from whom he will now be away. At the very least I feel sorry for his partner as she will now have to deal with that shame and possibly have been exposed to HIV as well.

What a mess.

The bright side, though, is this: Don't rape people if you don't want to be exposed. No one should have to be sick and possibly die, but it's awfully hard to muster sympathy for a man who admitted to breaking into a woman's home, forcibly penetrating her, and probably traumatizing her for life.

Is it poetic justice? Maybe. Maybe on some level this will scare someone who may have committed a rape. Maybe. One can always hope.

Do you feel sorry for this man?


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nonmember avatar Erin

I feel sorry for him.....I believe its sad people qho are mentally ill or have fallen thru the cracks end up like this yes he is a.rapist....I get that. I think we could all do better as humans and helping people.

Tangible Tangible

Got what he deserves

nonmember avatar blh

If he is on drugs and considering he's a rapist his family is better off with him gone. I hope his partner didn't get HIV, but if he did well KARMA.

dizzl... dizzledaz

Karma. It's a bitch!

flood... flood1971

Why should his partner be ashamed? What a dumb comment. His choices, his shame only.

nonmember avatar Jenn

Well, if that isn't instant KARMA, I don't know what is!


Why would you even ask such a question? Feel sorry for a rapist because he could  have the hiv? Call it the cost of doing business. That is so insulting. Flip the script and I come up with all the months I had to go in for blood tests after I got raped. I only feel sorrow for this woman who had to go through this violation.It's poetic justice if he contracted it. And Erin?... Really.

Eddie... EddiesMama83

Karma is a real bitch.

nonmember avatar Noelle

"The bright side, though, is this: Don't rape people if you don't want to be exposed." about DON'T RAPE -- PERIOD?!?!

Todd Vrancic

No.  Why would I?

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