High School Boys Report They Were Brutally Raped at Sports Camp

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Three high schoolers attending a pre-season boys sports camp have been charged with breaking into a cabin and raping three younger freshmen soccer players. What could have possibly possessed these boys to perpetrate such a disgusting crime against three young boys -- who from the sounds of things were members of their own team! -- is hard to portion out.

You hear about some of the brutal hazing rituals that surround high school and college sports all the time, and if that's what this was, it's truly sickening. It sends chills down the spines of all parents who have just sent their kids back to school and into sports programs or who are doing so this week. 

The sports camp, located in Western Massachusetts, was a pre-season retreat for members of the Somerville High School soccer team. The alleged crime occurred last weekend, but came to light on Tuesday, leading to the arrest of 17-year-old Galileo Mondol and two 16-year-old juveniles. A "dangerous" weapon was involved, according to reports.

Mondol and his two alleged accomplices are being arraigned this week. If this is true, how they could think they could get away with something like this and not ruin their lives, and the lives of others, is beyond me. Hope the judge on this case is a tough one.

What should happen to these boys if proven guilty? 


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Guest27 Guest27

Last week, a similiar incident happened with a California high-school football team while they were playing a tournament in Hawaii. 

nonmember avatar Laura

This is horrible! Here I was trying to convince my nephew to join the football team at his high school but after reading this article, I'll leave it up to him. I hope these teens get what they deserve for committing this crime and I hope the victims can get through this and live a happy life. My prayers are with them.

nonmember avatar Silverado

What if MAYBE these freshmen were coming on to these upper class-men? Maybe they were wearing provocative clothing or were drunk and now are claiming these boys broke in and raped them.........
Oh wait, no one is even questioning this because these are males being raped by some soccer team members. If these were the cheerleaders saying they were raped, people would be be defending the rapists!
Good ol' Merica!

nonmember avatar Jocelyn

Silvernado that is the most ridiculous thing I've heard. Anyway,wow! I don't know how people can do that to another person.

nonmember avatar Gina

Amen, silverado!

MalloryR MalloryR

I can't help but kind of agree with Silverado. Needless to say, this story is very sad and I feel really bad for those freshmen boys. :(

nonmember avatar Erica

Silverado... Yep good ole America, blaming the victim.... It even says there was a dangerous weapon involved, why would anyone question it????

adopt... adoption2013

They should be sent to an adult prison where they will be treated in kind.

nonmember avatar Alyssa

It says they're being arraigned which means there's medical evidence of forced sexual contact not willing so proof that it was forced it there already

Pixie030 Pixie030

Silverado unfortunately makes a valid point. I get so sick of people blaming these young girls who are abused and raped.. but since they are girls, they must have done something to provoke it, since guys can't be blamed for their primal instincts there. But when it's against boys and seen as something "unnatural" everyone together jumps on the bandwagon of wanting these evil boys behind bars. Rape is rape.. and no one deserves to have their body used like that. The things it does to a person mentality can take years if at all to go back to trusting people and not feeling like they want to escape their own body because it reminds them of that rape and feel that if they looked different it maybe wouldn't have happened to them.

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