2 Adorable Kittens Shut Down New York City Subway -- Squee! (VIDEO)

As a New Yorker, there is nothing worse than a stoppage of the subway. Many New Yorkers (including myself) rely on it as their sole form of transportion. Subway line stops and you're late to work, to doctors' appointments, to pick up your kid from school, you name it. Yesterday, two major lines came to a grinding halt for two hours, irritating commuters no end. But then word went around why the subway was stopped. It was for KITTENS! Squeeeeee!!!!


Two adorable little kittens somehow got loose from their owner and bounded onto the subway tracks in Brooklyn. Reportedly, the woman ran to alert subway officials, who shut off the power and tried to rescue the fuzzy little monsters.

To no avail. The kittens scampered around the tracks, evading rescuers. Bystanders offered to help, but were turned away because of the danger. The subway line remained down for about two hours. But it wasn't until about seven hours later that the kittens were finally corralled -- after becoming Internet sensations.

Mayoral hopefuls weighed in on the kitten stoppage, with Anthony Weiner saying, if elected, he will "have a deputy mayor of feline safety on our subways." Something tells me he's being sarcastic. Weiner would no doubt stop the city to rescue a porn star, but probably not so much kittens.

Joe Lhota said he didn't think it was appropriate to shut down the subway for that length of time to save pussy cats. Meow! Hiss!

But Sal Albanese had the best answer, telling the New York Daily Mail, "What are we, nuts? Of course I would’ve stopped. This almost never happens, but when it does, we can’t just go running over kittens."

Exactly, Sal! You've got my vote, dude, even though I don't have a clue who you are.

The kittens, named Arthur and August, are being treated at a city shelter and will be available for adoption soon. No word on why they weren't returned to their owner.

Okay, so the little critters disrupted millions of New Yorkers. BUT. THEY'RE SO CUUUUTE.

But the cute-tasic duo were able to unite New Yorkers -- and even most of the battling mayoral hopefuls -- together for a short period of time. Squeeeee!!!

Do you think the subway should have shut down for kittens?


Image via NYC Animal Care & Control

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