Woman Who Died From Lack of Double Bagging Will Have You Rethink How You Shop

Can I get that double bagged? That might be what you say from now on after reading this horrific story. A woman in Nebraska has allegedly DIED from a lack of double bagging -- and her husband is now suing Wal-Mart. Sound nutty? Lynette Freis was walking to her car with her groceries inside of ONE plastic bag when the bag did what some bags do sometimes -- broke. Usually nothing comes of that except the frustration of having to chase your tomatoes all over the sidewalk. But for Lynette, it turned deadly. A tin can reportedly fell on her foot, cutting it. The cut led to an infection and a year later, she was dead. OMG, talk about horrible luck!


Once Lynette's foot became infected, it eventually spread throughout her body, despite being given antibiotics. She spent months in the hospital and had two operations.

After spending over two months in the hospital, Lynette was discharged and wrote excitedly on her Facebook page:

I am so excited, I am FINALLY being discharged from the Hospital after 67 days. Can't wait to begin my new life since I have been given a second chance at life with my husband, my daughters and their families!!!!

But it wasn't to be. Lynette's infection returned, and in March 2011, she died. Now her husband, William Freis, is suing Wal-Mart for medical and funeral expenses totaling $657,000.

The suit alleges that Wal-Mart did not properly train its employees about double bagging.

I confess I'm one of those people who is irritated by those who insist on a double bag for everything. The U.S. uses 380 billion plastic bags a year! That's 1,200 bags for each person, each year!!

Plastic bags take forever to biodegrade are a huge threat to the environment. Not to mention that the streets are filled with them and they're disgusting.

I personally wish that stores would go back to paper! I also bring my own cloth bag with me as much as I can -- but sometimes I stop in a store on my way back from somewhere when I don't have the bag with me. But on the whole, I hate plastic bags and I try not to ask for double bags.

In this case, double bagging may have saved this woman's life. But a cloth resuable bag could have saved both her and the environment.

Do you double bag?

Image via Evelyn Giggles/Flickr

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