Dad Arrested for Leaving 3-Month-Old Baby in Hot Car to Die Has the Most Appalling Excuse

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Every year, we hear terrible stories of parents who accidentally left their babies in hot cars to die. Normally, we have some degree of sympathy for the overworked, "mom-brained" parents who are devastated to have forgotten their kid in the car and left him or her to slowly roast to death. I think that we've all had those stressed out moments when a sleeping babe in the backseat has just left our minds for a moment and we suddenly realize, OMG, that could have happened to me! But this case is different. Daniel Bryant Gray, while no doubt equally as devastated at his 3-month-old son Jamison Gray's death after being left in a hot car, has been arrested on manslaughter and child abuse charges. Because he hadn't just mistakenly left his kid after a busy day. He was reportedly off smoking marijuana with a friend while his baby died.

Gray was allegedly smoking pot with a friend when he "lost track of time" while his baby was locked in a hot car in the parking lot of a pub in Scottsdale, Arizona. Reportedly, the baby was in the car for an hour -- which doesn't seem like that long, but way too long to have any child that young anywhere by itself unless it's sleeping in its bedroom with a monitor nearby. Let alone in a car outside of a bar.

It was 102 degrees in Scottsdale that day.

When Gray came out of the bar (no word on where he toked up), he found his son unresponsive and called 911. Police officers on the scene could not revive the baby.

Initially, Gray reportedly told investigators that he had stopped by the bar on "business" and got distracted -- but they later came to believe he was smoking with his friend.

One hour may not seem that long, but in that temp, it certainly is. In fact, it can only take 15 minutes for a child to die inside a hot car.

There's just really no excuse here. Not only to leave a baby for that long, when certainly the heat outside must have made itself excruciatingly apparent, but to be off smoking dope instead of watching your kid. Say what you like about pot, there's a reason it's an illegal drug. It alters your mind. It can impair your judgment. And, yes, that can lead to tragedies like this. 

Do you think the dad should have been charged with manslaughter?


Image via Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

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nonmember avatar GhostWriterL

I'd prefer him charged with 1st degree murder because he made the choice to be stupid at the expense of his kid. His "recreational activity" took precedence over the wellbeing of his baby. No good parent, or good person, would leave a baby in a car, alone. I'm sick of people making the excuse of "Ermagerd, being a parent is streeeesssfulllll :(" for "forgetting" that a helpless living being gets trapped in a fucking sun-powered oven. He COOKED his kid while he was busy cooking his braincells... I have NO SYMPATHY for people who do this to animals as it is. This man deserves to spend the rest of his life locked up, castrated, and in misery for his idiotic and selfish choice... or to just get locked up into a box left out in 100+ weather for however long it takes for him to bake to death. Quit making excuses and showing sympathy for these worthless dregs.

Elaine Cox

He has an appalling excuse....he read the stir article that told him it was ok

youth... youthfulsoul

Absolutely. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that 102 degrees is too hot to leave anyone in a car, even if all the windows are rolled down. 

Allis... AllisonWD

^^^ agreed. I don't give a shit if you "forgot" or were "stressed," you should be charged. In this case, abso freaking lutely.

Holly Stokes

I won't even leave my groceries in the car let alone my animals or children. Common sense is severely lacking these days 

the3Rs the3Rs

I honestly wish there was an "eye for an eye" justice.  Cook him in a freaking oven.  And every other worthless excuse for a parent out there who has done this to their children.  There simply is NO excuse.  And I loathe the stupid "tips" like 'put your purse in the backseat'.  Seriously??  It's easier to remember your purse than your CHILD?  GRR.

Anyway.  Rant over.  Hope this guy rots in jail.

JS0512 JS0512

I agree with GhostRider - charge him with 1st degree.  I also like the3Rs "eye for an eye" approach.  And I can't believe you said "an hour doesn't seem that long" once, let alone TWICE in this article.  Yes, it DOES seem long.  And I have never had sympathy for any parent who leaves their child in the car.  It's a completely avoidable mistake.  This man deserves to fry.

nonmember avatar Lilac

The title make it sound like the dad did it on purpose. He was a druggie getting high and "forgetting" about his adult responsibilities namely his child.

Ana Figueroa

I'm sick and tired stupid parents that has children can't seem to get it straight. Stop make to mistake suchas leaving helpless babies in the car and temps that sky rocket heat. Stop and think what is more precious life you have inside your cars. Now is the time to wake up and get with it parents.

nonmember avatar Lizzie Borden

I live in AZ as well, an hour in a vehicle would be UNBEARABLE. How horrible. 10 minutes in a vehicle is too hot for an adult. This is cruelty, what kind of fool would even be able to consider leaving a child in a car?

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