Man Accused of Handcuffing His Own Mother to Running Car & Waiting for Her to Die

Waterford PDA 78-year-old woman in Michigan has narrowly escaped a death plot, allegedly at the hands of her 45-year-old son. Police say Adam Lutz handcuffed his 78-year-old mother, Gloria, to the car in a garage and then remotely started it. She managed to escape four hours later, though how she survived that long is unclear. She then barricaded herself in her bedroom before calling police hours later.

There are so many things wrong with this story, it's hard to know where to begin. Authorities say this poor mother had been psychologically abused for years by her son who was trying to collect her money. It's unclear how he hoped to get away with his mother's death, though I suppose he may have planned to uncuff her and make it look like suicide.

But still, her own son? Never mind that it was a terribly cruel thing to do. Cops say he was willing to let his own mother suffer for hours and slowly suffocate on fumes. How could anyone be this cruel?

Obviously, we don't know all the details or why Lutz could have hated his mother this much. Could he have just been greedy, despite having a perfectly adequate mother who worked hard to raise him? For sure. On the other hand, is it possible that she wasn't good to him growing up? Sure, that's possible, too. We simply don't know.

What we do know is that a 45-year-old man who clearly knows better is accused of being willing to let his own mother suffer a slow and agonizing death.

How did she escape? How did she survive four hours in the garage?

Like so many of these stories that pop up when they are hot, we will likely never know these answers. This one family's horrible tragedy is high news today, but it will go back to local soon after and then maybe not even that.

These people have to live with their family's pain for their rest of their lives. Who knows what causes these kinds of tragedies (and it's a tragedy, despite the "happy" ending), but maybe it's nothing we could understand anyway.

The twisted dealings inside a family are often not clear to outsiders. We can't really ever understand what went so very wrong, but regardless, my heart goes out to this mom. I am sure she loved her son and that this causes her more pain than we can imagine.

Why do you think someone would do this to his own mother?


Image via Waterford PD



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jalaz77 jalaz77

This is horrible. Why did she go back into her house though? Called police hours later? Regardless this is a sick man.

Nelli... NellieAthome

64% of women who are victims of homicide are killed by a partner or family member. Less than 10% of women who are victims of homicide are killed by strangers.

So no, that a man tried to kill his mother does not surprise me at all.


nonmember avatar Private

I knew the family, we grew up together and this is so shocking that I can't get over it. He was so cute and sweet, she was liovely. He was given everything and I think was spoiled. From the looks of him on other online media, it looks like he grew to be obese and let his teeth go bad. I think that he got tired of asking for things and just wanted to own everything for himself, doesn't look like he worked. From his mug shot drugs and/or alcohol must have played a role in this tragedy as he looks like he's not there. The light I remember in his eyes is gone.

So sad for this family... Prayers sent.

nonmember avatar willie

The worst part of it is there are lawyers out there that are low life enough to paint her as bad and him as an innocent victim to get him off easy. They are the scum of the earth, and add to the destruction of society more than the criminals.

nonmember avatar Rubykatherine

For some people, there are no "others".

nonmember avatar Alex

Why would he do it? Insurance money. So many crimes are committed trying to collect insurance money. And there's a lot of people in jail convicted of murder to get insurance money. Sick and sad.

nonmember avatar Adrian

What if the mother is trying to get the son in trouble? How did she get away? From the garage why didn't she get out of the house?
My grandma has accused my mother of so many things that she had to leave the country.

nonmember avatar Adrian

Don't believe her. If she was in the garage for 4 hours, how did she survive? Besides wouldn't she just gone out of the house crying for help?
My grandma accused my mother of so many strange things that my poor mother had to flee the country for a while. Mothers can be vicious.

Gail Lakritz

I worked in Wall Street for 12 years. I found there were many, many felons working there. When I asked how they could get jobs ion the Street, I was told "Wall Street loves felons. If you can steal from your own mother, you can steal from anyone." Greed makes people do insane things.

nonmember avatar Q

She may have been disoriented from the fumes and went back to the home she knew where there was a phone but couldn't get it together mentally for hours...

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