Did Cop Who Punched 'Pregnant' Woman Use Too Much Force?

arrests, pregnant woman arrestedThe police have issued a statement regarding their recent controversial arrest of a 16-year-old teen boy and his 21-year-old sister, Brenda Hardaway, who claims to be pregnant. The story garnered public notice when a video was released of the sister being arrested with what appears to be an undue amount of violence. In the video, she tells the officer she is pregnant as he attempts to cuff her. Eventually, the officer punches her in the head and moves her forcibly to the ground. The Rochester Police argue this claim, saying that their officers acted with "tremendous restraint."

The reason the officers gave for their arrest tactics? They claim that the pregnant woman had pointed a can of pepper spray at them. However, if that is indeed what took place, it wasn't captured on the video which later made its way to YouTube.

Police officers find themselves in high-risk situations every day. Many have lost their lives as they try to do their job and keep the streets safe. Seen from that perspective, you could argue that the police officer was doing what he saw necessary to prevent harm.

Of course, there are times when forceful methods can and should be used when apprehending suspects. If a woman is pointing a gun at a crowd, would you expect the police to keep their hands off of her simply because she is pregnant? No. You wouldn't.

But watching the video a second time, it's harder to believe that this was an instance where the correct amount of force was used. Even if the woman did threaten him with pepper spray, she was well subdued after the fact. The punching and subsequent behavior just seems like it was driven by panic and anger.

Do you think the officer used too much force in this case?

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nonmember avatar Victoria

honestly, I don't care if you are pregnant or not, if a cop tells you to stop and surrender, you do so. If they are trying to cuff you, you should corroporate, and once you get to the station you can sort it out if it is a mistake. ESPECIALLY if you are pregnat, you should not be fighting the police! So no, I don't feel bad for her. He punched her in the head, not uterus. The "baby" if there is one will be fine, although with her as a mother, who knows how long that will last!

mande... manderspanders

ummm... the video also clearly shows the woman resisting arrest. No, the cop shouldn't have punched her regardless.
However, if the woman is indeed pregnant and that worried about her baby, then why did she do something to get herself arrested? And then why fight the officer if she really wanted to protect her baby? sooo... yea.


If she really is pregnant, she shouldn't have pointed pepper spray at a cop and then tried to resist arrest. She's an idiot for putting herself in the situation in the first place.

danie... danielleapril

I live in rochester(well a suburb thank god) and this cop did his job. Its not even proven that she is pregnant, if she is she is the only one i see endangering her baby. If you dont want to be ruffed up by cops dont break the law and dont resist arrest...seems simple to me.

nonmember avatar krystal

No the officer was fine just because your pregnant doesn't mean you can resist arrest bit** you aren't special pregnant wdomen go to jail to.

Rip Christian Taylor

First of all WHY was the cop hitting a woman at all.....

ashhh... ashhhes16

If she is "pregnant" and cared about her unborn why was she resisting arrest ? Or better yet DON'T DO THE CRIME IF YOU CAN'T DO THE TIME. A pregnant women can & still should be arrested if they break the law. If she cared she would of coroperated in the first place & flat out told the office "i don't  want to make it hard on myself and my UNBORN child" and besides he hit her in the head not the stomach. Uh,  

Ann Ashley Bingham

to the people saying its ok because she should have listened to the police or that its only her head so it shouldn't effect the child first of all if you have never been in a situation where some one you love is being arrested and you don't think they should be or it was a mistaken identity thing then keep your mouth shut because family will try to protect each other especially if they are young. and to any one who thinks that if a pregnant woman is hit in the head it doesn't effect the baby you are wrong. what if the cop hit her so hard that she got a blood clot or she has a blood pressure problem it could cause her to go into cardiac arrest or have any number of issues  and if it was here husband hitting her he would be charged with endangering the well fare of a child  and i don't care what the woman did or didn't do that does not give any one the right to hit a pregnant woman even if she was threatening them with a non lethal wepon cops are trained with pepper spray sprayed in their face and they could have found a way to get the pepper spray out of her hands but from what is being said it was no longer a problem when she was hit in the head and im pretty sure they aren't supposed to punch people in the head any way unless they are defending them selves 

fave82 fave82

^^ one hell of a run on sentence there lol

pirat... piratepixie

i have heard of and seen many cases where the police don't care rather your pregnant, old or anything in between. most of them see their actions as needed and dont care other wise. as was stated, many cops have died in the line of duty. so it would be no surprise that this cops actions  were out of anger.

i didn't see the video, but too many stories have come out over the last few years where the cops have gone over kill on people. i would think that in the heat of the moment out of fear people will do crazy things. but anyone in the position like these cops should have more restraint in these matters. rather they are resisting or not.

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