Marine's Invite to Miley Cyrus for Marine Corps Ball Is an Embarrassment to the Military (VIDEO)

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sgt. jay owensAsking a celebrity to be your date to the Marine Corps Ball is nothing new for servicemen and women. In 2011, an Afghanistan vet successfully asked Mila Kunis to escort him, and Justin Timberlake went with Cpl. Kelly De Santis. Now, Sgt. Jay Owings, stationed at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina, has gone out on a limb to ask his favorite star to accompany him to the special occasion on November 7, just eight days before he is discharged after seven years of service ... A pop star with an especially cringeworthy reputation right about now thanks to the icky spectacle she made of herself at the MTV VMAs. Yup, I'm talkin' 'bout MILEY CYRUS! Ugh, whhhhhyyyyy?

In a YouTube video he's made to "pop the question" to Miley, Sgt. Owens says he thinks she is "awesome despite what anyone else says" and that she has his love. Buh.

Whether or not she'll attend with the Marine remains to be seen, of course, but if she does, won't it look distasteful?

Of course the VMAs disaster doesn't and shouldn't completely DEFINE Miley, but it is certainly the thing at the top of our collective national mind about her. And this latest incarnation of her career is about 180 degrees from squeaky clean. That said, how would it look for a Marine to bring her to a respectable, high-profile event like the ball? Not so great, I'd imagine. 

Really the biggest factor here for me, at least, is that given the trend of his colleagues asking celebs to be their Ball date, Sgt. Owings could have had his pick of a PLETHORA of more upstanding, talented female celebs to accompany him. Like Shakira, who is extremely philanthropic and has been honored by the U.N. Or Demi Lovato, who consistently lends her voice to teen body image and wellness issues. Women who stand for something bigger more important things than "dancing with Molly" and doing "what we want to."

But, hey, more power to Sgt. Owings and Miley if they set the date. Miley's involvement would be a big win for HER PR team -- especially right now -- but probably pretty embarrassing for the military.

Here's Sgt. Owings' video for Miley ...

What do you think -- would Miley going to the Marine Corps Ball make the military (or at least Sgt. Owings) look bad?


Image via Jay Owings/YouTube

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nonmember avatar monica

you know nothing about the military! youre opinion of what goes on there must be based off movies. theyre pretty much a prom except most everyone is over 21 so they are allowed to drink. google some pics of military ball dresses and youll see most single soldiers end up taking some escort breaking all kinds of dress codes for the event..

nonmember avatar GhostWriterL

Agreement with Monica...

He's a Marine. FFS, let him have a bit of fun. The Marine Corps (said like CORE, not CORPSE, by the way...) Ball is one of only a few fun events that they have the option of going to, and nowadays asking out a celebrity to attend is just an amusing thing to try to see what happens. So far all celebrity guests have been cordial and charming, but this isn't the first time a Marine asked someone controversial to go with... One of them a year or two ago asked the "party mom" that went on trial for the death of her daughter, another awhile ago asked Betty White, and I think another one asked Octomom to go.

Pretty sure it's just a thing that they can do that the Corps so far hasn't done anything to discourage (though the guy who asked "party mom" out got chewed out by his commanders real bad, last I heard)... This guy just wants to be "that guy who asked Miley Cyrus" or "that guy who took the trashy looking wannabe-twerker".

Either way, who the fuck cares? Let them have fun. You have no idea what some of them go through as it is, but you think you're fit to judge them when they're not standing rigid and acting like robotic yelling drones shooting weapons and throwing grenades. Screw the lot of you for that, seriously.

Chana... Chanandler.Bong

You're gross. Your judgement and shaming of Miley is ridiculous. She's 20. She's acting like a moron because 20 year olds who have no responsibilities sometimes act like morons. She'll grow up sometime. Meanwhile, let her be. She's hardly the first celebrity to dress provocatively, and she won't be the last. And really, how many Marine Ball invitations of the past were based on that celebrity's charitable contributions to the world? Were JT or Mila Kunis invited because of the charities they support, or because they're beautiful and famous?

nonmember avatar Ev

No 20 yr old acts like that. She acts like that because she is a spoiled little brat. No one has told her no probably ever. Since she was young she was put in the spotlight and since she's the star she wants to do whatever she wants. She is the one that brings in the money. She probably feels she can do anything. Since no one tells her otherwise she will keep making a fool out of herself. since no one tells her it's wrong she thinks its ok. When it goes to far her parents will intervene and these gossip sites will say how she is not mentally wrong and the parents now have control over the money again.

nonmember avatar Caroline

This is actually disgusting. I'm so tired of reading the articles on here constantly bashing Miley. You act like you didn't do anything stupid at 20. I'm sure you did, but the difference is she's in the public eye. Its actually disgusting how you judge her. You're all grown adults and constantly talk terribly about a twenty year old. I'm sure that if she goes to the Marine Ball that she won't show up in her outfit from the VMAs. I thought she looked beautiful at her fiancee's movie premiere so she's capable of dressing beautifully. And the fact that you think that Miley going to this is a disgrace to the military is just wrong. Clearly this man invited Miley because he likes her, I don't think he gives about your opinion on Miley. He didn't want to invite Demi Lovato or Shakira, so he invited the girl he did like. I'm sure that since you're too focused on her performance you don't realize that Miley is a very good person. She's charitable and cares about her fans. Honestly, this article infuriates me.

nonmember avatar MammaMel

SMH...go home, you are confused about the military and military balls...and you hold them both to far too high of standards!

chigi... chigirl1228

Jesus... you're an embarrassment not the Marine. Being married to a Marine and actually stationed in Cherry Point NC, I actually have an understanding of the ball. High profile? Lol! For whom? It is a respectable event but a lot of spouses and significant others treat it as another volun-told event that they have to spend hundreds of dollars on. Good for him to not play on the opinions of a few. I am not a Miley fan... to old and I tend to enjoy blues and classic rock better than pop. But the shit this girl is getting it sounds almost as if she gave some poor sap a blow job on stage. Damn it was just a dance. And I thought everyone knew that pop music and the VMAs are based on shock value. This chick isn't going anywhere anytime soon if she can wow a crowd that quickly. Madonna had the same reaction about 30 years ago.

Todd Vrancic

Who are you to tell this Marine who he should or shouldn't ask to the Marine Corps Ball?  He can ask whoever he wants to accompany him and it's nobody else's business.

Francheska Rivera

If slutty military wives can attend a military ball, so can Miley. It's really not that serious.

Angi Robinson

Dude maybe you should be tested for drugs!!
or cut back on the alcohol

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