Man Arrested for Horrendous Plastic Bag Attack on 9-Year-Old Girl in Store Bathroom (VIDEO)

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Can you ever fully protect your kids from crazy? That's the question one mom must be asking herself as she let her 9-year-old girl wander off in a Best Buy store, only to have the girl almost get killed by a psychopath. James Tadros, a complete stranger to the girl, allegedly followed her, forced her into the ladies' room, wrapped a plastic bag over her head, and held her head inside the toilet. Thank goodness a customer heard her scream and alerted employees, who rushed into the bathroom and rescued the girl. But she will no doubt have nightmares for a very long time.

Surveillance video inside the Best Buy in Jacksonville, Florida, reportedly shows 29-year-old Tadros luring the girl away from her mother (unclear how exactly he did this) and then forcing her into the bathroom.

There, he allegedly beat her bloody, threw a plastic bag around her head, and tried to drown her inside the toilet. When an employee heard her screams and rushed into the bathroom, the girl was able to escape the six-foot tall, 250-pound man. Other employees were able to hold the man until police arrived.

If all of this is true and he's found guilty, this is one sick bastard who should not be out on the streets AT ALL. He came to the scene of the crime with a plastic bag -- so he had something planned. He also got a young girl into a public bathroom in a very public place inside of a store with tons of people and cameras -- and then tried to kill her. He obviously does not even have the capacity to understand that what he was did would be quickly found out and he'd be caught. This leads me to believe he has a very strong desire to kill young children.

But since he was charged with attempted murder, this could mean he will get out eventually. Shudder.

It's unclear where the girl's mother was during the attack, but at least one report says she was in the store. Moms do have a tendency sometimes of letting their children wander in stores when they feel safe and complacent -- I see it all of the time. And the vast majority of the time, it's fine. But in this instance it almost resulted in this little girl's horrific death.

Do you feel safe with your kids in stores? Should this man ever be let out of prison if he's found guilty?


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Taisie Taisie

Do the writers at The Stir never proof read or what? Or, maybe there needs to be a separate person who proof reads the articles before they are "published".  I see glaring errors in almost every article I read here! It doesn't look very professional!

Betty Middleton Kring

i'm glad to hear a store representative commend the brave acts of their employees! I know TOO MANY businesses who would and have fired their employees for this kind of bravery! I hope this guy gets life! In situations like this I believe they should get as much as they would had they actually killed the victim. Prayers to this little girl and her family!

nonmember avatar yes

Wow that's completely ignorant and uncalled for. No, Mexicans don't do that. SOME mothers (off all races) do this. I'm Mexican and I would never let my child wander off. I don't care how old they are. They can be 16 and I'm not letting them out of my sight. Over protective? Yes but better safe than sorry.

Pixie030 Pixie030

No ONE race of women let their children roam free, abra. What a completely ignorant and racist comment that is not in the least bit true in any sense of the word. Comparing to other friends and family's parents, I had a very over protective mother.. but even when my younger sister and I were growing up, when we were in our little hometown Wal Mart, many times we ran off to go to the bathroom by ourselves and would hunt down our parents after.. days of no cell phones, shocker we survived. But in these days, I don't even let my little boys go into a public restroom by themselves. Of course they are still little, but my 5 year old thinks that because at school he can only use the "boys" restroom that it should be that way everywhere. So he gets his feelings hurt/ embarrassed when I make him either use a family restroom (which he is okay with cause it has a men's stick figure on the door) or the women's one. Better safe than sorry these days though, and though we can't prevent every thing, I would never forgive myself for something I could have easily prevented.

Shea Clarke

What kid of mother allows a 9 yr old to leave her site???!!!  No way my kids could have been "lured" away from me.  My youngest was 16 before I allowed her out of my site when shopping and then it was only with a group of friends. 

kelly... kellysherry63

A BIG NO AND NO....and by the way who cares about how professional an article looks when it's info every parent needs to hear and as far as I'm concerned criminal acts don't discriminate...May God bless you and yours...

jenjl... jenjluginbuhl

Well, I certainly won't let my 8 yr old daughter go to the bathroom alone in our neighborhood Target store. We go there regularly, do our grocery shopping there, and know the employees so I guess we feel safe there. Nope, no more. I always thought I was overprotective of my now 17 yr old son by never letting him go alone to the bathroom in a store until he was around 13. I will be going back to that frame of mind now.

Heather Hallett

Sorry, but you're wrong.  It is not ok to just let your children wander around the store alone, if mine have to go to the bathroom, they go as a group (i have 3) or their oldest sister stays with one while I take the other or vice versa.  This b.s. about letting your kids wander about alone, is bad decision making.

Rebecca White

I never let my daughter wander in a store no matter how small or safe I feel inside that store! Psychopaths wait for moments like these, and unfortunetly take advantage of that! Im always wiery of "nice" strangers because those end up being the most sociopathic people! 

Jeanna Hale

First you say a customer heard the screams then an employee - which is it?  Please get the facts straight and be clear in your writing.  And did the girl wander off ?  You stated it was unclear how he lured her away from her mother.  So did she wander or did her follow her into the bathroom.  The facts are not clear here.  The psychopath is just that a psychopath and he needs to be locked up for life!

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