Toddler Accidentally Kills 2-Year-Old Sister With Pickup Truck In Every Parent’s Nightmare

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It's difficult enough keeping track of our kids every minute to make sure they don't hurt or kill themselves -- but it's astonishing to think you could turn your back for a minute, and your toddler could kill someone else! This is tragically what happened to a family in Texas. And even more tragically, the person the 4-year-old boy accidentally killed was his sister. It all started when the boy somehow got ahold of the keys to his father's pickup truck. He was actually able to start the truck and then roll it. It rolled over his 2-year-old sister. And now she's dead.

There's a lot here that says maybe the kids weren't being watched as properly as they should have been. How does a toddler get keys to a truck? How does he find the time to start the truck? How was his little sister in front of the truck?!

But before we get all judgmental, think about the last time your toddler got away from you. Could he or she have done something in the blink of an eye that cost a life?

If you look at where the truck is parked in pictures, it's in a yard. The truck had rolled forward, hitting a wall. The sibling was apparently playing in the yard.

The truck wasn't even normally there. It was normally parked in a garage, but the family was loading it up for a trip, so it was backed up to the side of the house.

It's unclear where the keys were, but the truck was off. The father said he heard the engine start up and ran outside, to see the toddler behind the wheel and the truck rolling. Unfortunately, it was rolling to the worst place it could have -- right towards his sister.

This isn't the first time we've heard of a toddler taking over the wheel of a truck. Apparently they are pretty smart, these toddlers. But not smart enough to steer.

The investigation is ongoing, so police won't say if the parents will be charged.

But I think they've been penalized enough. This was obviously a tragic mistake. YES. There should have been more oversight of these kids, of course!

But to put them both in jail will only leave an orphaned child. One who already will have a tragedy to live with.

Do you think the father should be charged?


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merma... mermaid13dragon

the Father should NOT be charged, it's a tragic, terrible accident that I'm sure he will regret for the rest of his life. 

Emmie25 Emmie25

This Was An Accident. My 21 Month Old Knows Which key Goes Into The Ignition.This Was A Four Year Old.

Movie... Moviebuff

He should be charged.

Adam Leibler

I have such torn feelings about this. My ENTJ personality tells me that justice must be served, and by sentencing the parent/parents, it serves as an example to others to more closely supervise their own children. However, these people have already LOST A CHILD in this, and have another child who must live his life with what has happened. There's no punishment a court can issue worse than that, and punishing these folks in court isn't really an effective deterrent to others anyway (as history has shown us).

At current, I guess there's just not enough information. If some obvious neglect or depraved indifference in caring for the kids is uncovered, then yeah - prosecute. If it was indeed an accident as it seems, I think that the harm - and the punishment - have already been doled out by the universe.

keelh... keelhaulrose

It's amazing to me that so many young children not only know how to put a car into drive, but manage to press the brake and pull the lever at the same time. Unless the truck was left in gear, which is reckless. There's a lot we don't know about this story.

nonmember avatar kayla

My truck does not need the brake push to put it in gear neither does our four track or car the only thing that needs it is our standard truck

my two year old never say the fourtrack before but instantly want up to it and knew instantly where to put the key only thing that kept him from running off on it was not knowing how to work the push start

nonmember avatar Mal

This is horribly sad. If it is truly an accident I don't think anyone needs to be punished. They are punishing themselves enough. My car is keyless. If the key is near the car all you have to do it touch the handle and it unlocks and you turn the ignition (no key, just something to turn) and you don't have to push the break to put it from park to drive. I've had to find a different spot to put my car keys because my garage it right next to the spot I put the keys in the house and its within range and I don't want my car stolen. My daughter is 4 and not allowed outside without me there with her so I'm lucky with that but the way they make cars now its really easy to get it going. That poor poor family. I can't imagine the pain they all feel and what the son will feel when he realizes what he did.

Lisatron Lisatron

This is a very, very tragic accident. My gut feeling, however, is that there must have been some reckless decisions made on the behalf of these parents in order for every piece of this puzzle to have fallen together so easily to result in this.

It may very well have been complete and utter fluke, but I cannot help but feel differently. 

I am not surprised that a little boy of this age knew how to start a car. My daughter, at the age of 2, could mimic me starting the vehicle. It isn't rocket science, especially if that child sits behind you every day watching you start the vehicle and drive it.

This is why I never allow my daughter to play in the car, it just isn't safe and you have no idea what could happen. At least she would need to press the break, simultaneously turn the key and release the E break to get my Golf started.

Tracy Webb

i think they should take the farthers driving rights away for so long and they both should go to parenting classes. and they should all 3 go to theraph.


Mindy James

To even consider charging the parents with anything is ridiculous.  A TRAGIC accident occured here. What kind of twisted person does it take to even CONSIDER charging a parent after the death of one child at the hand of another child?  There is NO justice to mete out.  If this were a "just" world, then these parents would still have there son AND daughter.  Parents are human and they make mistakes.  This could happen to just about ANYONE.  To judge another in this situation is disgusting.  To think they should be charged is reprehensible.  Where is the compassion, empathy and caring in this world?  Truly sad reading some of the previous posts from those who would seek to further damage this already devastated family.


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