Young Woman Brutally Killed on Footbridge After Friends Leave Her Alone for 'Just One Hour'


footbridge murderAn 18-year-old Long Island woman was stabbed to death late last week after partying with friends on a local footbridge she frequented. They only left her alone for one hour and when they returned, they found her dead. She had either been strangled or stabbed. There are conflicting news reports.

Lauren Daverin was only 18, but she had been married nearly a year. Daverin's husband, Air Force Airman 1st Class Kashawn Gresham sobbed during the arraignment of 18-year-old Maxwell Sherman, the man authorities have charged with killing her. It is unclear if they knew one another before last Thursday night.

Daverin was found almost completely nude, but still wearing her boots in a pool of blood. The man arrested for her murder claims to only have met her earlier that night when she asked him for a cigarette.

The footbridge is apparently a popular hangout for kids and is a place Daverin apparently frequented. Friends described her (affectionately) as a "wild child", but in the media, that plays an awful lot like victim blaming. Even if she was a party girl who always had a good time, there is something about this description of a young murder victim that just feels wrong.

This is a young girl who was brutally killed when her friends stepped away for just one hour. She was clearly beloved. A Facebook memorial page already has 5,000 likes and all of her friends seem to talk about the many good times they shared.

Most of us can probably remember being 17 or 18 and hanging out in fields or parks like this footbridge. It seems pretty normal. It also seems normal to love having a good time when you are 18 and young. None of these things are really relevant to her death. Whoever did this was clearly a sick, sick predator. If it is Maxwell Sherman, let's hope the 18-year-old man spends the rest of his life paying for what he did.

My heart goes out to her friends who had to find her that way as well as to her family. It's just so senseless. What a terribly sad story.

Do you think calling her a "wild child" is appropriate?


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nonmember avatar Meg

Frankly I would rather a person be described as they really were rather then a cleaned up, fantasy version of it. What does it say about a loved one if you gloss over a big part of who they were.

pengua pengua

Meg I agree. I don't like how when someone dies some of their loved ones pretend they are something they are not. When I die I want people to be honest about how I was. I am a good hearted person but am very moody and can be quite a jerk.

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

It's not like her obit says she was a whore who had it coming. Wild child is a perfectly reasonable description and I think you're over reacting. She was on a footbridge, hardly risky behavior.

hexxuss hexxuss

Agreed with Meg & pengua - I'd rather people be honest.  So she was a 'wild child'? Who cares? That has NO bearing on her being murdered.  I get sick to my stomach when someone died & their family tries to make them out to be something they're not - and then we (the public) find out the truth later - only to think back & say "Why the hell would you twist the truth!?".  Kids aren't as innocent as their families would usually like them to be remembered as.  Doesn't mean she deserved to die...

Vinta... VintageWife

I'm lost. They were all on the bridge partying like usual and then every single friend left for one hour and came back? Why'd they leave and she didn't go? Why'd they come back after only an hour? Am I the only chicken that would not stay on a bridge at night if every single friend was leaving?

nonmember avatar Candice303

I'm with op... why was she alone?! I'd definitely tag along with my friends. Sad to hear this happened to such a young girl.

IHear... IHeartCake

Whoever called her a "wild child" should be ashamed.  Many of us went to parties, smoked, or drank at least on occasion when in high school or college.  That doesn't make us "wild," and it has nothing to do with her being murdered.  I don't care if she partied day and night.  She is in no way whatsoever responsible for being murdered.  I hope her family sees justice. 

nonmember avatar Nicole

her being a wild child has nothing to do with her being stabbed or strangled relentlessly. heck I was a wild child too, but then again what 18-21 year old doesn't think they have the world at their fingertips and the freedom to LIVE LIVE LIVE and party without a care in the world...but never did anything to warrant getting stabbed, it shouldn't for anyone.

2nino... 2ninos4me

Whats wrong with calling her what she really was ???! I seriously hate that mindset of many ppl who think that does who die ir get killed were saints when in reality we are all humans smh

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