Missing Mom Turns Up Alive ... Days After Her Funeral!

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cemeteryThis might just be the craziest story you will read this week. A woman named Sharolyn Jackson died and was buried in a Philadelphia cemetery. At least that's what everyone -- her family and the police -- thought. Turns out the wrong woman was buried! Sharolyn Jackson is alive!

Good news! Well, sort of.

According to police, Jackson's family reported the 50-year-old missing on July 18. Then on July 20, a body of a woman around her age was found, dead of natural causes.

Jackson's son and a social worker who knows her were both called in to identify the body, and they said it was her. So things proceeded. An obituary was issued. A funeral was held.

Her family mourned.

And then, suddenly, nearly two weeks after the funeral services, a miracle! Sharolyn Jackson was found in a mental facility ... very much alive! 

The Jacksons have to be over the moon, but can you imagine? You identify a body as Mom and, um, well, it's not Mom.

How do you wrap your hand around that?

And what about the family of the woman who has been lying underground for two weeks? Right now the authorities have no clue who she is, but it's kind of hard to celebrate when your gain is someone else's loss.

Sure, your mom is OK, but who knows who this other woman has left behind ... and they haven't even had the comfort of being able to say goodbye to their loved one.

Talk about a mixed blessing!

What do you make of this crazy story?


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nonmember avatar Kristi

Totally bizarre!

tcfla tcfla

and not to sound terrible...but I guess the family will be out of the cost of the funeral.  What a crazy story.

Becky Propst Franklin

first of all...was she a twin???? u gotta kno what ure mom looks like blank stare!

nonmember avatar Dannii

Unless the mum had money and this is some scheme to get to it

Sharon Kyro Garcia

the weirdest thing about this story is that 2 people a family member and her social worker, wow. so when she was supposidly alive didn't they ever look at her.


Phyllis Spaulding

Found in a mental institution?? Son thinks someone else is his mother?? This is gonna be a good one when the truth comes out.  :(


Stacey Anne Harris

Is it just me? After reading the obituary and seeing how much family she has makes me wonder how the heck no one knew she was in a mental hospital for 2 WEEKS...forget not being able to identify your own mother by a photo. Sounds to me like this woman hasn't had physical contact with her family in a long time. Maybe just phone calls and such..Makes me want to call and check on my dad.

Irene Munhall Hinman

how do you not know your mother when you see her dead or alive then to find out she was in a mental institution now you have to wonder who put her there? and why wasn't the family contacted when she was put into the mental institution? wow and who was the woman they put in the ground what about her family???

Terry Burton

some thing smell's fishy about this story you think he would know if that was his mom when you would be praying it wasn't and if it was an open casket no one noticed it's not her.i could not see my mom for 20 yrs. and still know if it was my mom or not.and why was no one notified that she was in a mental hospital.even if a family member i.d.'s you there should be there should have done finger prints to double verify who she was.now that lady's who is she where's her family?

Pixie030 Pixie030

Just reading this article here, they way it was written I thought the social worker and the woman's son had postively identified the body.. but the linked article says they identified the deceased woman thru photographs. I guess I can see more how mistakes could be made by just looking at a photo of someone.. But if I was asked to identify a body as being my own mother, I know I wouldn't want to see it in person, I would feel that I had to though. I doubt I would be okay with just looking at a photo, plus it says the woman who was buried had died of natural causes and found two days after Ms. Jackson had gone missing.  I wouldn't think someone in that condition would be to a point where it would be difficult to identify or be around. Just seems like that piece of the puzzle is missing in this story.

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