Teens Accused of Beating 88-Year-Old WWII Veteran to Death for the Scariest Possible Reason


WWII vet beaten to deathA group of teens in Spokane, Washington are accused of attacking an 88-year-old World War II veteran outside a pool hall, causing him extensive head injuries and ultimately killing him. The details of the crime against Delbert "Shorty" Belton are nothing short of horrifying, made even worse by the seemingly random nature of the crime. The teens, aged 16 and 19, apparently had no reason for the attack other than just wanting to be cruel.

There are some stories that just crawl into your brain and make you weep for humanity. This is one of them. Horrifyingly, this isn't even the first time this week that teens have done something like this. On August 16, a 22-year-old Australian baseball player attending college in Oklahoma was shot and killed, allegedly by teens who were "bored and didn't have anything to do."

What. The. Hell? My heart just hurts at the thought of this man who fought for our country -- he was even shot in the leg during the Battle of Okinawa -- and died this way.

Belton had lost his wife a few years ago and apparently liked to go to the Eagles Lodge to play pool. He was called "Shorty" by friends as a nod to his height. On Wednesday night, police found his broken body in the parking lot. He had extensive head injuries. He died early this morning.

Hurting a senior citizen like this has to be up there among the worst kinds of crimes against humanity. It shows such a lack of empathy and remorse and caring, it's almost sickening. The crime itself was bad enough for punishment, but how it was perpetrated and who it was perpetrated against should be taken into account as well.

This is how we have repaid a veteran who served his country proudly. It's just almost too horrible to even imagine. My heart goes out to his family.

Does this crime make you especially sick?

Image via U.S. Army Materiel Command/Flickr



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morga... morgani6904

Yes, it does make me sick. They did this just because they wanted to. How horrible is that? That man gave those kids something worth more than their punk lives deserved. He fought for their freedom and way of life. It's a terrible world we live in, but no veteran or anyone else deserves to die that way.

nonmember avatar TJ

I have started three different comments, and I just don't even have words. This is heart-breaking.

miche... micheledo

I am SO upset and that does not happen easily.  I am absolutely appalled and horrified.  Yes at this story, but mostly at you - Sasha!!

You wrote this article: http://thestir.cafemom.com/in_the_news/158307/violence_after_zimmerman_verdict_should that actually called for MORE violence as a reaction to the Zimmerman verdict.  YOU changed it after many, many people called you out on that.  YOU claimed this was a race thing.  BLACK/WHITE  YOU helped add to the race hype in the Martin/Zimmerman case.


Yet I can hear the crickets in thisarticle.  You are ABSOLUTELY silent on this one.  It was two BLACK teens that beat up this poor man.

Personally - I think race needs to stay out of it.  Hate is hate.  Anger is anger.  If it isn't race, people will find another reason to be angry and hate and beat and kill others.  BUT, if you are going to make other things about race and focus on the race of people, then be consistent!

nonmember avatar GhostWriterL

This was a hate crime, plain and simple... those punkasses deserve the death penalty for what they did.

First a toddler shot between the eyes, then a teen shot out of boredom, now some violent little shitstains running around beating old men to death.

If you don't see this as a hate motivated crime wave, you're stupid. No if ands or buts about it.

nonmember avatar Lilac

Well played Micheledo! I notice that too!

nonmember avatar krelia

Oh look, black people being violent for no reason. They are the most racist race out there right now. You are living under a rock of denial if you think otherwise.

Allis... AllisonWD

Agreed. ^^^ call me a "racist" if you want but facts are facts.

miche... micheledo

Erin - THIS author/blogger called for MORE violence after the Zimmerman verdict.  Yet, here she is grieving and sad over the beating of a white man.

Who did she think would be beaten when she called for MORE violence?  Only thugs and criminals?  She encouraged violence against people just like this veteran.  

But I am sure when she wrote the other article she was not thinking about the innocent people that would suffer at the hands of more violence (that she encouraged).  I am glad to see that she is saddened by violence - maybe she will rethink her position on violence when you don't agree with a verdict and realize it hurts people, elderly people, young people, ALL OF US.

mande... manderspanders

And this is the hypocrisy of our media and society.

All of these crimes she mentions here aren't random and because kids were "bored". 

THESE ARE HATE CRIMES!  THIS IS RACISM!  These black kids are targeting white people because they hate white people. 

Frankly, the more I see of this, I'm glad to live in a state that allows conceal and carry... cuz I'm going to get my license.

keepi... keepitreal808

Wow. I must have read a different article. Understanding anger is different than encouraging violence. This writer did NOT tell people to go out and start bashing people's heads in. You morons are seriously going to cry out injustice here? Yes, the act was disgusting and horrible, but I seriously doubt it was racially motivated...it was violence motivated. Black teens, men are out here killing each other, not hunting whites. Nice try to compare this to Zimmerman, but the chances of these kids being sent to prison for the rest of their lives is much greater than if the races were reversed. This was proven by the Zimmerman trial. Black men in this country have been sent to prison for years just because they were on the same STREET where a crime was committed against whites. Talk about revolting. But by all means, protest the horribly neglected issue of black on white violent crime. I'll have my popcorn ready.

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