Returning Sailor Stuns Mom on Her Birthday & Gets a Once-in-a-Lifetime Reaction (VIDEO)

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mom hugs her sailor son homecomingFrom heartwrenching tearjerkers to heart-soaring hilarity, weepy proposals to grand, festive scenarios that involve the whole darn town, we've seen just about every kind of surprise military homecoming. But that said, a big, huge production isn't always necessary. By FAR. In fact, sometimes it's the much more intimate homecomings that get the best of me! 

For example, a recent one involving U.S. Navy sailor John and his mom, Bev. John was able to go on leave for his mom's birthday, and he decided to surprise her in the most nonchalant way I think I've ever seen anyone greet a loved one after being so far away! And like John's dad put it, Bev's reaction was "PRICELESS!"

Check it out ...

Aww! So, so sweet! I love how casual John is walking up to the table, like he's just returning from the bathroom or something! "I hitched a ride!" Ha! And the expression on Mom's face when she realizes what the heck is going on rocks, too. She's so genuinely shocked! Hee hee! Thank goodness this was captured on video for posterity, because the clip is definitely one this sailor, his mother, and their loved ones will be able to look back on with warm and fuzzy amusement and joy.

What was your reaction to this homecoming?


Image via USNAVYAE2/YouTube



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tuffy... tuffymama

I love them! That's so sweet!

Porce... PorcelainPixels

Haha Ashleigh! I couldn't have said it better. :*D


nonmember avatar Navy mom

I would love a surprise like this. My son's in the navy and it feels like forever since I've seen him even though it was "only" 7 months ago. Not sure when I'll see him again; he's across the country and already slotted for another deployment after Christmas. Guess it's only fair though--did the same thing to my mom when I served in the Air Force. God Bless our Troops!

Jennifer Yeatts McCready

always love these. need more of these than all this negative sstuff

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