12-Year-Old Adriaunna Horton Found Dead After She Tried to Help a Man Find His 'Missing Child'

Adriaunna HortonToday brings a tragic update to the kidnapping of Adriaunna Horton in Golden City, Missouri. Sadly, the 12-year-old has been found dead. Bobby Bourne Jr., 34, has been arrested and charged with the kidnapping. In a horrifying twist, he is also someone Adriaunna's father knew.

James Horton told reporters that he was a neighbor for a time and also that he worked for Horton doing a construction job. This tragedy has similarities to the Hannah Anderson kidnapping that was also committed by someone the family knew, albeit in the Anderson case, he was a close family friend. Still, it does go to show that "stranger danger" is a reality, but that many times these crimes are more likely to be committed by people we know.

It's terrifying, really. The details of this case are particularly sad, too.

The reason Horton was at the park with her sister and friends was to celebrate the new school year. It's a time of such exciting promise and a new beginning and then, just like that, it was taken away.

Witnesses said they saw her get into a car with a man who was in the park asking children for help finding his daughter. In other words, Horton was trying to help this man and, as a result, she's dead. Ninety minutes later police found a vehicle that fit the description and arrested Bourne, who was driving alone with no sign of little Adriaunna.

It's just so sad. What are we supposed to tell our kids? Never help anyone? Even people who you kind of know? Who wants to explain the world that way. And yet, we have to. Maybe the lesson is just to tell them never to get into the car. Help, sure. But keep it public.

Maybe there is no lesson at all. Maybe this is just a horrible tragedy and something that is ultimately isolated. My heart goes out to his father and I hope he takes some comfort in the fact that his daughter had such a big heart.

Do you tell your kids about danger from people they know?


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Melan... MelanieJK

Well at minimum,   iwe need to teach them to NEVER EVER get into a vehicle with ANYONE without prior approval of  parents.     It needs to be clear that this prior approval has to be for each and every situation/event.     No catching a ride with a friends dad etc. without specific approval to do it each time.          

While this  might seem excessive,   it's clear that there can't be any blurring of the lines.     We can't anticipate what these creeps are going to try or even who they are!    

Tatiana Guzman

her kidnapper totally demented! he actually has videos on youtube singing!!!! watch him here


jessa... jessasmamma

One of my biggest fears is that my 4 year old travels to go visit her dad, and I know how hectic it is traveling with a small child. Her dad is very protective of her, but he still has to get them both through security, make sure he has the correct boarding passes, his id, her backpack, get to the gate in time, etc. So I always make sure to remind her that if she's at the airport with daddy and she can't find her daddy, she needs to find a Grandma, Mommy or Daddy with kids like her and tell them FAST. I also always point out to her what the security guards outfits look like and explain that they are police officers and can help keep her safe. I do the same thing when we go to malls, amusement parks, zoos, etc. I always point out what the workers are wearing (the color of their shirts, they have a name tag, etc) and tell her that if she can't see mommy or daddy, she needs to ask for help RIGHT AWAY. Don't wander around trying to look for us, tell someone right away so that they can help her and keep her safe while they find us. She has never wandered off or gotten lost (THANK GOD, knock on wood!!) but I feel a tiny bit better knowing that she at least knows what to do should it ever happen. 

Jason Smith

So the body they found was confirmed to be her?

Amanda Briggs

When I was a kid we had a secret password. My brother and I chose it (I still remember, it was clam dip) and we were not to go with anyone unless they knew the password. The only exceptions were our grandparents, and our families best friends, another family of four with kids our same age who were practically family (like if anything happened to our parents this family was to get us), and one lady who was about 8 years older than my parents and babysat us often. We never had to use it that I remember, but it was good to have it in place, and this was 30+ years ago.

I now work at a preschool, and on the registration forms we have a place for parents to put a code word, so if they have to call in and let us know someone else is picking up or something like that, we can make sure it's actually the parent. Our parents appreciate that.

Megan Harvey

This is horrible. It's the end of this little girl's life, and the start of a nightmare that her poor parents will never wake up from. I can barely begin to imagine the agony they must be suffering right at this very moment. I think there should be a law stating that any violent or sexual-assault type crime committed by an adult against a child is automatically punishable by death, or life in prison without the possibility of parole. None of this "ten years' probation" or "eight years in prison" garbage. We need to send these horrendous people the message that our children are absolutely off limits!

William Bramblett

Castrate him, then boil him alive.  Make it slow, throw in some nice veggies and seasonings, then serve the stew up to the scumbags in some sh*thole prison.  If they won't eat it, then make them next weeks special of the day.  Tape it all, and show it to every prisoner in the Nation.  No more second chances, you rape, murder, or abuse our kids, we're going to f*cking kill you, and it won't be pretty.

Sandee Incerto

OMG!! Rest in peace!!  Jail time no parol !!

nonmember avatar Francis Bello

@william bramblett That's a perfect description of what the law shoud DO to him and every animal that do such a horrible thing to children. I've never agreed more with somebody! If you kill, destroy,abbuse, rape or commit any terrible danger to a kid you definetely deserve to be horribly tortured and then killed. Sorry!!!

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