Dr. Phil Tweets Offensive Rape Question That Should Appall Us All

Dr. PhilDr. Phil is a person that many go to for advice and guidance on their lives, but it seems that he is the one who needed guidance recently when he tweeted a question about rape that was so offensive to his many followers, he was forced to delete it. Sadly for him, the damage was done.

Across the web, many people were up in arms, protesting the tweet and tweeting in anger.

Just what was so bad? Well, see for yourself.


By posing the question, Dr. Phil implies that there is at least some possibility that there IS a question. SO to make it clear: No. It's never OK to have sex with a woman or a girl when she is drunk or sleeping or impaired in any way. That's just a fact.

If a girl is drunk, is it OK to have sex with her? Reply yes or no to @drphil #teensaccused.

Now we all know that celebrities like Dr. Phil are not ACTUALLY manning their twitter accounts. But someone is. And someone's head should probably roll for this. After all, this wasn't the tweet of a person who cares about others and isn't that what Dr. Phil purports to be? Sure, he's all tough love, but does he really condone rape?

Why is this question still being asked? It's 2013. We have seen AWFUL cases like Steubenville among many others like it. We have seen girls bullied online to the point of suicide all because of things that happened when they were drunk. It's called rape. We should be teaching our boys as well as our girls that it's NEVER OK to have sex with someone who is too impaired to consent. Period.

Dr. Phil is apparently a role model for someone (who?!), and as such, he shouldn't be walking this line. Sure, the question could just be a feeler. Whoever sent it could have been trying to take the general temperature and not implying that a "yes" answer was acceptable.

But it's our job as adults to make sure that everyone understands that having sex with a drunken girl isn't a question. It's just a no. Always. Someone in the public eye should be especially mindful of this.

Truly, it's appalling. Let's hope Dr. Phil and whoever tweets for him has learned from this. This won't be tolerated.

Do you think Dr. Phil's tweet was out of line?


Image via Dr. Phil Show

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