12-Year-Old Missouri Girl Is Kidnapped From Park in Broad Daylight (VIDEO)

Adrianna HortonTwelve-year-old Adrianna Horton has been missing more than 24 hours from a park in Missouri. The young girl was reported missing soon after being allegedly seen getting into a car with an unknown person. The truck was tracked and a suspect is in custody -- a man Adrianna's father, James Horton, knows -- but there is still no sign of the young girl.

Adrianna's 8-year-old sister was out on the search last night and pleading for help in finding her sister. "Please help find my sister," little Lydia Horton said to reporters. So heartbreaking.

The suspect, Bobby Bourne, 34, is currently being held on $1 million bond in jail and is someone Adrianna's father knew and worked with. In fact, their children played together. See below:

As of now, Bourne is just a suspect. He has been charged, but not convicted. But still. It's disheartening that a person is in custody and there is still no sign of the girl.

Her family and friends say she wasn't the type of girl who would have gotten into a car with a stranger. Since the majority of witnesses are the same age as Adrianna (12), it's hard to nail down exactly what happened.

The family's heartbreaking statements just make it all the more difficult to process. Her father said:

This is the worst feeling I've ever had in my life. I don't know if she's safe. If she's okay. If she's here.

Can you even imagine? As a parent, it's a nightmare scenario and, my God, the ANGER he must feel. It's unimaginable. Her heartbroken grandmother also spoke out:

I’m numb. We are scared to death. We need all the help we can get because I know the longer she is gone, I know how it’s gonna turn out.

There is almost nothing worse in the world than a missing child. The fear and uncertainty is just impossible to even fathom. And this is even worse because it may have been someone the father knew and at least somewhat trusted. Who could do this?

Let's hope and pray that Adrianna is found safe and that her family is spared the heartbreak that comes with these cases when they end tragically. My heart goes out to them.

Do you tell your kids about people they know as well as strangers?




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amazz... amazzonia

Missouri where???

jalaz77 jalaz77

Yes we do. I really hope it works. To never find your child is a patents worse nightmare. I hope things end well...

nonmember avatar Helene

@amazzonia- you should know by now that this author does not focus on pesky little things called actual important facts. She said Missouri so now go out in your car and drive around the state screaming "Adriana". Surely someone will answer. Tragic story made all the more pathetic by shoddy reporting,

nonmember avatar TF

Helene- I agree about the weak writing style. BUT this is not the forum to criticize the author. Anything personal is open season but when attacks take away from the real issue- a missing child , we need to act like adults. Easier said then done;(

TheTr... TheTruthspeaker

This is who i feel sorry for, not hannah the whore.

amazz... amazzonia

I want to know because I'm currently in kc!  And Helen made a really good point criticizing the author!!! Seriously, who writes an article about a kidnapping not saying exactly what  it happened????


Samfan97 Samfan97

It was in Golden City, MO (in the far SW corner of the state). Sadly, her body was found this afternoon. It is such a heartbreaking story.

adopt... adoption2013

I do but with the asd I'm not sure it sinks in.   I'll be praying that this child is safe.   Everyone should be aware 98 percent of sex crimes are committed by men.  80 percent are committed by someone that the child knows.  Please heed my words.

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