Teen Accused of Killing 13-Month-Old Pins Blame on Baby's Grieving Mom

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De'Marquise Elkins
De'Marquise Elkins
The mother of a 13-month-old baby shot in cold blood earlier this year is now having her name dragged through the mud by the teenager accused of the vicious murder. Sherry West was forced to watch as her baby boy, Antonio Santiago, was shot between the eyes in March. Fast forward to today, and the attorney of the teenager accused of murdering the baby is blaming mom.

The public defender assigned to accused killer 18-year-old De'Marquise Elkins claims Sherry West had a financial interest in the death of her son. He's implying, of course, that his client is innocent ... because mom was involved.

Is it possible?

Sherry West reportedly had a life insurance policy on her child, a policy she cashed out soon after Antonio's death, which is one of the biggies Elkin's attorney is using to slam her. 

Damning? Maybe, but consider this: funerals are expensive, even for little babies.

The attorney also alleges that West, who was walking her baby in a stroller at the time of the death and thus is the primary witness to the case, made conflicting statements about the incident. Gee, a mother of a dead baby couldn't think straight? Such a surprise.


Listen, it's possible. Sicker things have happened. But it seems awfully low to blame the mother here.

The district attorney in the case is reportedly furious, filing motions in court that say Elkins' defense lawyers have made "false, inflammatory, and misleading statements."

I understand that an attorney's job is to cast doubt on the prosecution's case, and that often involves finding a fall guy to take the blame off of your client. But blaming a dead child's mother? That's about as low as you can go, folks.

She lost her CHILD. 


And she had to WATCH it go down.

Hasn't she had enough pain and suffering for a lifetime?

Can't she catch a break?

Elkins is still innocent until proven guilty -- despite the fact that there are other witnesses to the shooting. So who knows. Maybe he didn't do it. Maybe he is innocent. And maybe mom did do it.

Then again, maybe Elkins did the deed. And in allowing his defense attorney to go after this mother so harshly, he's re-victimizing a woman hurt in the worst possible way.

What do you think of this attack on Mom's character?


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Elaine Cox

true scum..and like willie s said so many years ago...first,we kill all the lawyers...Black killing hispanic..I smell a reverse trayvon..The media and Justice department better get on that

nonmember avatar Blush

Her own adult daughter has said in interviews she suspects her mother in the murder of her baby brother. It is something that should have been thoroughly investigated before they started the trial. Wouldn't be the first time a woman killed her child(ren) and blamed a random black man.

Dana Strickland

Even her own daughter suspected that she was involved!! I believe that this "grieving mother" had her own child killed!! All of the facts just haven't come out yet!! But they will! These killers will sing like canaries and tell everything that happened!!

jrphelps jrphelps

I have thought something didn't seem right about this story ever since it came out.

Maya Amos

You are missing a lot of details that actually show the mother may have had something to do with this....

nonmember avatar Niki

A lot are making ignorant comments based on race. It is not so far fetched to believe a mom would have her baby killed for money. Lets refer to the case when a mother drove her own kids over a bridge and blamed it on a black man, only for ppl to later find she actually did it herself. Don't be ignorant, yes it is very possible the mother set this up. Her own daughter speculates. Lets leave race out of this, it comes down to cold, soulless people, no matter the race.

Sept-... Sept-babies2

I have had a feeling she was in on it the first time i read about it. Now it is very possible. I don't believe that she shot her baby but had them do it and told them she would give them money for doing it. Or, maybe she didn't but i think it will come out eventually of what really happend. Either way it is very sad.

nonmember avatar Tina

This infuriated me and then I read the comments. I had no clue about her daughter thinking she was in on it. I am so confused, like she hired this guy to kill her baby?

Zande... ZanderBomb

How may readers on here have taken out a life insurance policy on a baby? Just wondering.

nonmember avatar TF

I have life insurance on my son through gerber. So if he something tragic happens to him I will be accused for looking out for his future?!!! The fact that those are pointing the blame on the mother due to her daughters words tells a fraction of the story. This daughter was kicked out by the mother when the daughter was a teenager due to heavy drug use and two separate pregnancies. The mother turned the daughter in when she was 16 for assisting in a burglary of their 80 year old neighbor. Therefore I think the daughter has ulterior motives. I think the fact that this was perpetrated by black youths is the entire reason this has not been covered and the entire reason the victim is being targeted. Take the blinders off people there are witnesses to this crime, a black teenager on a bike told teh police everything he saw. This "animal" is not worth the welfare check paper his mother gets everyday for having brought his despicable existence into the world.

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