Shocking Claims That Princess Diana Was Murdered Under Investigation

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Princess DianaIt's hard to believe it's been 16 years since Princess Diana died in a car crash in Paris, but 16 years or not, there's a new theory out about the way Prince William and Prince Harry's mother died. Would you believe that the Princess of Wales; her boyfriend, Dodi Fayed; and their driver Henri Paul were actually murdered by a member of the British military this week 16 years ago? It's wild, but not so wild that Scotland Yard isn't taking it seriously.

They're actually investigating the claims!

The allegation of military involvement in Diana's death reportedly comes from the parents-in-law of a former soldier, but they're rather surprising considering just how much time the tragedy has spent under the microscope. It was investigated first in August 1997, when the crash occurred in a Parisian road tunnel, and has been touched on in years since. In 2008, a British jury blamed the driver and the paparazzi chasing the princess' car for recklessness in causing the crash.

Whether the as-yet-unidentified people making these allegations are crackpots or not remains to be seen, but the information is solid enough that officers from the Specialist Crime and Operations Command of Scotland Yard are said to be reviewing it.

As if Prince William and Kate Middleton didn't have enough on their hands with a newborn baby at home?

What do you think of the new "news" about Diana's tragic death?


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nonmember avatar shandeigh

Wouldn't suprise me at all. I've always thought her death was a little fishy.

zazae zazae

I agree with you it has allways seemed dodgy, and very convenient, it also seems strange that in her own diaries she predicted she would prob get bumped off in a so called car accident.

lobus lobus

Yes what a coincidence that a movie.about Diana is about to come out. This "leaked" information has noooothing to do with PR. Nope!

poshkat poshkat

She didn't die this week. She died on the 31st. That's next week

valha... valhallaarwen

This doesn't surprise me because it was always rumored that she was murdered back when it happened. 

nonmember avatar Mae

👸She truly was the People's princess.

😥May she rest in peace🌷🌹💐

Rita Curry

 To be honest, I don't know. On the other hand, I wouldn't put it passed the, Prince or that ugly woman he married. Hopefully, it will just be another rumer going around. It would really be bad for the new parents.

nonmember avatar Mae

You are absolutely right prince Charles is a ugly man and so is camilla. 2 peas in a pod of ugliness. Has Paul Mooney said she look like a billy goat🐐. Prince Charles look like a🐗. Princess Diana was a beautiful woman with class👼👸. It's a shame she is gone.🌺

adopt... adoption2013

This has always been a theory.  The alleged motives being that 1.  the people of the Commonwealth would never accept Prince Charles marrying Camila Parker-Bowles as long as Diana was alive 2. The relationship with Dodi Al Fayd posed a security risk.  I hope it isn't true, but I wouldn't put it past government security to do it.  I'm sure that the CIA have offed any number of people in the name of national security.

Looki... Looking4Truth

Finally!  I've always thought Diana was murdered.  It wouldn't surprise me if Prince Charles had a hand in it or even Camilla!  I hope they finally get to the truth and they don't cover up the results.

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