New Information in Kidnap Victim Hannah Anderson Case Includes Letters & Calls

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The country is still reeling from what happened to 16-year-old Hannah Anderson, who was kidnapped by longtime family friend James DiMaggio, and brought to the Idaho mountains after he tortured and killed her mother and younger brother. Since Hannah's rescue, in which DiMaggio was killed in a shootout with FBI agents, Hannah has been on social media describing her ordeal. And now more information is coming to light about the tragic case. Information that once again will cause tongues to wag about what really happened that day, but judgments should be withheld until all of the facts are in.

On Friday, search warrants showed that Hannah's abductor, DiMaggio, had letters from Hannah inside of his home. Warrants also show that there were at least 13 calls between phones belonging to Hannah and DiMaggio on the day she was abducted. Their calls stopped around 4 p.m. when both phones were shut off. Police wouldn't say who initiated the calls.

A sheriff's spokeswoman says that despite this, Hannah is still not considered to be part of any plot to kill her mother and younger brother, saying:

Hannah was a victim in every sense of the word. We cannot be more clear on that.

Since DiMaggio was a trusted friend of the family and was considered like an "uncle" to Hannah and brother Ethan, it's not too surprising that there were letters and calls between the two. Especially if DiMaggio was somehow in the process of talking her into a trek to the Idaho wilderness. Police did not say what was in the letters, but presumably they have been read by now, if they are not charred beyond reading.

According to the Los Angeles Times, also found in DiMaggio's home were "duct tape and handcuff boxes ... along with a Yosemite camping printout, cut electrical cords, model rocket containers and two used condoms."

Also seized were a computer and a journal. Warrants said that Hannah and DiMaggio had been on "multiple day trips" together.

DiMaggio had apparently lured Hannah's mom and brother to his home to say goodbye before he moved to Texas. It was there that he tortured and killed both, and even shot their dog, before setting his home on fire and taking Hannah. It remains unclear how he got Hannah into the Idaho wilderness.

No doubt all of the facts will come to light very soon.

Have you been following this strange, awful case?


Image via San Diego Sheriff's Dept.



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miche... micheledo

It is all just horrible and the comments by some people are awful.

I don't care IF she willingly went with him and was in a relationship with him.  HE IS A FULL GROWN ADULT and knew it was wrong - no matter how willing she MIGHT have been.  

I hope she gets counseling and IF she was a willing part of the relationship - realizes one day how twisted it was.  And how this many used/abused her.

Todd Vrancic

Very true, micheledo, added to the fact that he was a family friend, so she would be predisposed to trust him.

middl... middleroad

It isn't strange at all that he was contacting her or that she was contacting him.  He was a family friend.  He had something planned.  This would include upping the contact. 


I just have a problem with her saying we're in trouble now when the horse back riders saw them. I really want to believe she is innocent in all this,but it's getting difficult.

nonmember avatar Rach

The "we're all in trouble now" could have just been her voicing concern for her safety and that of the riders as they were all in danger (trouble). The guy had a gun and probably threatened to harm anyone who tried to help her.

Elaine Cox

every one saying he was a family friend and she trusted him and stuff over look one fact...SHE WAS REPORTEDLY SCARED AND CREEPED OUT BY THE either that report was wrong or she wasnt that scared of him..letters and 13 calls to a guy you are deathly afraid of...doesnt work

Elaine Cox

I wish Kate Upton was that afraid of me..

kckcm2 kckcm2

As a teen just because you are creeped out by someone doesn't mean you don't make An effort. Especially if it's your mom's friend. There were a number of people my parents hung out with when I was younger who I thought were creepy. Also that report was made by a friend of hers. Remember the game telephone. She could have said one thing and when the news cameras shined on her friend something else came out. While 13 calls are excessive, it's not 150.

shema... shemar12307


nonmember avatar Nurse Marj

Her responses seem without real emotion and I believe she was sexually and emotionally involved with him being young and confused because of how she probably felt with him no knowing the real side of him. when u are young and an older man comes along and make u feel good. ur judgement gets cloudy and u push right to the wind just to keep the good feelings going. when she matures and have some space, the guilt and shame of being a fool will come to haunt her. Been there bc we have all done things we later regret and realized we were the fool. hope she grows and learn from this bc of what it has caused the life of her mother and brother. I will pray for her and father and her friends whom I feel she deceived by pretending she found him creepy. of course she felt she could not tell them the truth. and to say we are in trouble now~~wake up!!! If I was held against my will, those would be the last words I would utter. I would have to hide the smile that perhaps I am finally going to b freed. i was kidnapped and my mind never stopped thinking of a way to get freed!!! Thank God I am alive to talk about it and unharmed and end up with kidnapper gun and could have killed him but I am not a murderer but a child of God!

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