Cop Handcuffs Himself to Suicidal Woman to Heroically Save the Day

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Police officers are called upon to do all kinds of extraordinary things. They often have to make split-second decisions about how to save someone -- and whether that would mean putting themselves in danger too. Yes, they are cops. They have jobs to do. But they are also people with lives and families and friends and pets. And they want to go home alive to them. So I can only imagine what was going through this police officer's mind when a young suicidal lady crawled onto the ledge of a high billboard and threatened to jump. But the officer decided to do something remarkable. He handcuffed himself to her.

It sounds like something out of a movie -- and I'm pretty sure that scene has been done more than once -- but this really happened, in Beijing, China.

Pictures capture the incredible scene as the distraught woman sits on the ledge of a billboard, threatening to jump. One police officer reached over, grabbed her wrist, and slapped handcuffs on her. He then handcuffed the other side to his own wrist. And then, just to make sure she knew that he was serious ...

He threw away the key!!

Realizing that if she jumped, she would take another person with her, the woman apparently stopped to consider what she was about to do. And changed her mind. Said one cop:

She knew then that if she died, she'd take someone with her and that seemed to bring her back.

The officer was then able to tie a rope around the woman and haul her back onto the building where he stood.

It's hard to say whether the woman would have been able to jump with enough force and weight to carry the man over the side too, but hell, would YOU have risked that? Not sure I would have.

No word on what brought the lady to the brink of suicide, but kudos to this cop for risking his own life to save that of a desperate stranger. The only thing that would make this story sweeter is if these two got married or something, but, well ... I've seen too many movies.

What would you have done?

Image via stevendepolo/Flickr

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chech... chechimansmama

What a hero.. But on a side note this is like the third story that i have read about a Chinese person being saved from a suicide attempt within the last 2 weeks. What is going on?

nonmember avatar Hello!

She is so stupid I hate when people are all like "oh I wanna kill myself" that cop should have let her dumbass jump

Guest27 Guest27

@mama: China's had one of the highest suicide rates for a long time. There is a large number of female suicides and some believe that violence against women and girls, discrimination in education and employment, the traditional preference for male children, birth-limitation policies, and other societal factors contributed to the high female suicide rate.

LeahL... LeahLazarou

Seriously @hello? Suicidal people are ill.. And comments such as yours are very ignorant. My best friend committed suicide. I hope one of ur loved one never does. Depression causes feelings and actions that you can't understand.

NewMo... NewMommie_20

@Hello! Then why the hell did you click on this article? You're a goddamned idiot.

Todd Vrancic

Not only what Leah Lazarou said, but police officers aren't allowed to just let people jump.  Way to be sensitive Hello (NOT).

Tiffany Thomas

Someone has watched Lethal Weapon too many times it seems.

Cheryl Jane Bean

Speaking as someone who has been there - suicidal thoughts are a black and menacing hole with little options or so it seems.  Selfish is not the word.  Not wanting anymore pain is human.  If pain is so much fun why not face surgery while wide awake? Same thing - except it is emotional trauma. 

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