10 Reasons Wendy Davis Is the 'Cool Girl' We All Want for Our New BFF

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wendy davis senator texasTexas Sen. Wendy Davis (D) may have made national headlines for her 12-hour filibuster to block sweeping restrictions on abortion, but her star has only begun to rise. The lawmaker from Fort Worth, Texas may be gunning for governor soon ... and after that, it looks like the sky's the limit!

Knowing full well that Davis is a politician to watch, Vogue featured her in their September issue, and the story is full of exciting details that prove she's even more interesting than we realized. And a "cool mom," to boot! So cool, in fact, that we wish we could hang out with her when the mom of two -- 31-year-old Amber and 24-year-old Dru -- isn't taking the floor of the Texas Senate. Here, 10 reasons we'd love Wendy Davis to be our new BFF ...

  1. She has a totally imperfect, relatable, but really admirable past. Davis admitted that when she was a teen, she was overconfident and something of a wild child. “I decided I knew everything in the world, and I moved in with my boyfriend. It was all about escape and rebellion.” In turn, she found herself, at 19, married and divorced, and raising a child alone, even spending some time living in a trailer park. But she went on to become the first in her family to graduate college while raising her young daughter. Awesome!
  2. She'd give good style advice. Vogue notes that the senator "loves to put on something nice, dresses by Chloé and Victoria Beckham, and Miu Miu heels or Louboutins."
  3. She watches Girls. And her boyfriend gets squeamish sometimes when they watch together. Ha! Been there!
  4. She struggles to style her "naturally curly hair." And gets teased for "the inconceivable number of products she collects to tame it.” She laments, "I have super-super-curly hair, and it's a constant struggle." Oh, we could definitely hit up Ulta or Sephora together!
  5. She runs and cycles. And thus would make for a kick-butt workout buddy!
  6. She loves Mexican food. And brunch! Vogue mentions that Davis's favorite brunch spot in town is Benito’s, a Mexican-food dive. A woman after my own heart!
  7. She probably gets awesome invites to the White House. When Wendy commanded the national spotlight earlier this summer, President Obama tweeted his support for her. Thus, hanging with Wendy would probably mean hitting up the White House for cocktails with Barack and Michelle, right?
  8. Davis's actual best friend's father-in-law owns the Patriots. So I'm sure she and her fam are in on some huge, VIP football/Super Bowl parties. Fun!
  9. Her version of a fun night out sounds like ours. She spent an evening at the drive-in movie theater with her daughters to catch Despicable Me 2.
  10. A fun night in, too! Which she describes as “in Luluelmon, with a glass of red wine, watching HGTV.” Love it.

Could you see yourself hanging with Wendy? What do you think makes her most relatable?

Image via Tracy Nanthavongsa/Wikimedia

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nonmember avatar Wendy

She rocks!! Wendy for President 2016!!!

wamom223 wamom223

She is a disgrace to woman everywhere.  She has admitted since her fillibuster  to nothing nothing about the Kermit Gosnell case.  And since Maressa refuses to educate her readers I will do it for her.  She was filibustering against abortion clinics having to adhere to the same regulations and laws as all the other surgical medical facilities in the state.  That is right she wants to hold Dentist and ey doctors to higher standards than the people giving abortions.  Not to mention the fact that a poll done by Huffington Post showed that the majority of Americans do NOT support abortion past 20 weeks.  It is disgusting the woman the liberals decide to put up on a pedestal.

nonmember avatar Michelle Swift

You're incorrect, dentist and eye doctors are not being required to meet the same standards, just like plastic surgery centers, infertility and vasectomy clinics aren't.

lulou lulou

there were some nice comments in Peter Kings Aaron Rodgers piece today, how folks from rivals like bears and vikings still looked up to him.  wamon223 made me try to think if I could say this about a female goper, Im racking my brain.  That florida clown makup hanging chad lady though keeps blocking my brain.  And the bush daughter said nice things about hillary - but thats reverse too.

wamom223 wamom223

Michelle you are incorrect.  Look it up for yourself it is not easy to find out I am right.  Every clinic you listed in subject to ASC regulations and abortion clinics should be also.  Wouldn't you want the same safe guards for an abortion that you would have from getting your wisdom teeth pulled.  And since I didn't clarify it enough I was speaking of eye and dentist centers that perform outpatient surgeries. 

Pro-abortion advocates are still maintaining what happened at Gosnell's clinic hasn't happened anywhere else when they know that isn't true.  The blog author herself wrote just last week about a new Abortion monster that was still practicing after having his license revoked so many times.

nonmember avatar Gretta

Holy crap. Is this really how women decide to vote for someone? Because she wears nice shoes? Because she was a teenage wild child?

nonmember avatar Cass

Actually, she was filibustering a bill that required all abortion clinics (even those that provided non-surgical abortions) to adhere to the same regulations as a surgery center. That would have closed down many small centers who have no need for the mandated surgical facilities, as they perform no surgeries.

TheTr... TheTruthTeller

Once again, wamom is wrong about an issue and pretending she knows it all

nonmember avatar Sylvia

I live in Texas and specifically Austin. The true issue at heart is not regulating clinics of any kind. The anti abortion republicans are using this bill to deny women their legal right to abortion. They use the terms "protecting women's health" and the Gosnell examples to try and pretend they are really helping women. If they are against abortion that's fine, but don't hide behind false causes to ban them. Just don't have one. The bill will close all but 3 providers and restrict access to thousands of women who live in rural areas. We've already stopped funding to Planned Parenthood facilities whether they provided abortions or not and the doctors and healthcare providers there were sometimes the only one some women would see all year. I absolutely support someone's beliefs against abortion however I do not support the right for you to deny that right to anyone else. No one not even pro choice advocates "want" anyone to have an abortion, they want for them to have the choice. The other underlying issue is that many antiabortion supporters also only believe in abstinence only education. Not a successful approach so far in preventing unwanted or unplanned pregnancies.

wamom223 wamom223

TruthTeller you should change your name to delusional it would make more sense and be a better fit.

Cass- The bill required all doctors that give the abortion drug  to follow the protocol which was set in place by the FDA.  The reason this regulation was put into place was because doctors have used this pill when they knew a woman was further along and then said they had to do the physical abortion because the baby was bigger than expected. I couldn't find evidence to what you said anywhere so I would appreciate it if you could show me where that is stated in the bill.  However, I do not think a doctor should be able to prescribe this pill and then go about their business so I can see why you would want them to be able to get you into a hospital quick.  Especially a pill that is suppose to expel a baby out of your body. 

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