Bride Who Has Dress Stolen on Wedding Day Is Saved by 911 Call

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Your wedding day should be one of the most special in your entire life. So when it starts off with your wedding dress being stolen, things are not looking up. That's exactly what happened to a Washington state bride, who was loading up her car to prepare for the big event when she put her bridal gown inside, and then turned to go back into her house. When she came out again, her precious dress was gone. The hysterical bride called 911. And it turned out to be the best call she ever made. If your faith in humanity is wavering, read this story and it will be renewed.

The 911 operator who picked up the bride's call was a woman named Candice (who doesn't reveal her last name). She did what a 911 operator is trained to do -- she took down the woman's information, the details about the theft, and alerted police.

But something was niggling the back of her mind. She asked the bride-to-be when her wedding was scheduled. Says Candice:

When she said "today," my heart broke in two for her.

Yep, the poor woman had the misfortune of getting her bridal dress stolen on the morning of the day of her wedding. But her fortune was about to take an incredible turn.

After hanging up the phone, Candice turned to her supervisor and asked a question that no one had ever heard in the emergency call center before:

Can I offer her my dress? All through the call I was thinking, "I have a dress ... "

Candice and her husband, Brandon, had been married 18 months prior to the call. Her dress was sitting in her parents' attic. She knew there was a greater need for it right now.

After getting the go-ahead from her boss, Candice called the police who were responding to the bride's theft. She told them to ask the bride if she wanted use of her dress. After sending a picture of the dress via cellphone, the bride gratefully accepted. She even thought that Candice's dress would fit her -- quite a coincidence considering that Candice is very tall!

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There was just one problem. The dress was in her parents' home and her parents were out of town.

Several calls later, Candice (who couldn't leave work) was able to coordinate getting the key to her parents' house -- which involved both her husband and her brother. All of the stars aligned in a crazy way -- Candice's husband wasn't even supposed to be around that morning, but he'd stayed home from a scheduled trip because he wasn't feeling well. Says Candice:

Brandon drove the dress to the fiance's house and dropped [the dress] off. The woman told me she'd get it back to me, and I said, "No hurry."

The wedding went off without a hitch, and Candice got another message from the bride thanking her for use of the dress.

Now what are the odds that these two would make this kind of connection? It was the fates, I tell you. The wedding gods. The bridal fairies. Obvs the woman and her fiance were meant to get married that day. Says Candice:

God does awesome things, and this woman, whose wedding day might have been ruined, had her special day after all.

Oh, but Candice, I think you had something to do with making her day special, too.

Have you ever had a wedding day scare? Have you ever had a stranger go out of her way for you?

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Felip... FelipesMom

awesome story, thanks! :o)


Loved that!

Christine Armington

A truly amazing story, I absolutely love it!!! Kudos to that kind hearted 911 operator AND her family that helped get the dress to that poor bride!!! They ALL deserve an award!

Lorrie Manes

While it was not as bad as having my wedding dress stolen, I experienced a near disaster myself on my weeding day. some how the groom made it to the chaple without his tux pants. me and my attendants were getting ready when there was a knock on the bride's room door. I overheard the best man telling the maid of honor(who was his wife) that ross(the groom) was missing the pants from his tux. we were 15 miutes away from walking down the isle and all ross had to wear was a old ratty pair of jeans. yikes! well the best man managed to make it all the way across town to the tux shop and back in time for the wedding. i dont think i want to know how fast he drove to make that happen. i am just thankful they were open on saturday.

Lynda Sampson Behrns

God bless Candice , There are Angels all around us.

Donna May

Congrats!  I want to see the pictures of the bride and the borrowed is defintley god inspired if this was pulled off by a 911 operator and her family.


Wileen Byroads

I hope they become friends forever.  It would have been nice if the bride had invited the lady and her husband to the wedding!  Nice to know there are some special people eft in this crazy world! Nice job!you rock

javak... javakitty2011

that was very nice of the dispatcher to do that for her and a shame someone stole her dress in the first place. But why did she call 911 for a NON emergency??? I sure hope that someone else's call that was a true emergency  wasn't delayed because of this womans non emergency call in. 

Jackie Tejada Weaver

My husband got stung by a bee ( which he is allergic) we spend all day at the hospital, we were late but we were there...

Karin... KarinJune

We lost his mom (we got married in Las Vegas) when her plane got rerouted. Turned out we were misinformed, but in the meantime we had changed hotels! We finally all got together, but got married a few hours later than planned! BTW, still married more than 26 yrs later.

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