Father Arrested for Raping a 13-Year-Old Girl After He Texts an Apology to Her Mom

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You just can't fix stupid. And sometimes that's a good thing. It's doubtful that Codey Everhart, a 22-year-old Missouri man charged with raping a 13-year-old girl, will ever be admitted to Mensa. And it's because of his idiocy -- not to mention his alleged despicable crime -- that Codey was arrested.

Reportedly, Codey asked to use the bathroom in the house of a teen girl in his neighborhood and when she complied, he forced himself on her and raped her. The girl reportedly ran from the house and sought help at a friend's house. As it often goes with these crimes, Codey was trying to say that the girl had invited him over -- and that he'd never raped her. But his text messages tell a different story.

Clearly, Codey, who also happens to be the father of a 4-year-old daughter, must have known the family, because he apparently had the girl's mom's cellphone number. And after his alleged rape, he began to get worried that he might, uh, you know, be in trouble. He wrote to the girl's mom:

Omg im so sorry ... it was the biggest mistake IV ever made plz I’m sorry plz don’t call the cops ... Ihave kids ... plz I will do whatever u want I’m so sor ry handsome sacred I shouldv never said yes when she asked me to come over And scared* I’m so scared ... I’m so sorry mam ... I sware off girls altogthe r ... plz I’m so sorry. plz say something??? Plz call me mam I’m so scared right now I feel like my whole world is gona crash dwon on me . And I'm worried ima loose my daugthers ... plz call or text plzzz

Welllllll ... so much for text message groveling. It didn't work, and the girl's mom called police. Codey has been arrested.

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As baffling as it is that young people these days feel the need to share everything -- even their alleged crimes -- via social media and text messaging, we should be happy about it. It just keeps making the job of law enforcement that much easier. Apparently these people are under the impression that text messages fall into a black hole. But they don't.

Talk about things you shouldn't send by text message! An apology for raping your kid has got to be high on the list. Though let's be glad he did, as there's now evidence against him. As misspelled and nonsensical as it is some of the time ("handsome sacred"??), it still makes it clear that this guy knew he did something wrong.

He's going to have a lot more difficult time saying nothing happened when the written evidence -- as badly written as it is -- says otherwise.

Why do you think people text everything??


Image via Lee's Summit Police

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katyq katyq

Wow.  What a fucking moron but thank God that he is such.

Alynn74 Alynn74

I would have beat him within an inch of his life and then turned him over to my husband and then we would have called the police.

wamom223 wamom223

I've never been so glad that someone was so stupid.  Thanks for making it easier to throw your perverted ass in jail dude!    And yes someone like that should not be able to raise children.

Leigh Thorson Siebert

I am glad he admitted it this way so that little girl won't have to do a rape kit at the hospital, taking samples and all to prove his guilt.

Cassie Kirsch

I'd lure him somewhere secluded and they would never find his body forget the cops

rende... render_k24

Ummm....first of all I believe that he was invited over. How would he have the mothers cell phone number? I agree that it went to far and that he deserves to go to jail but I DON'T think that girl is telling the truth. I think she really did invite him over to "make out" and if she lied that.....

Davon Barnes

He may not have raped her. He could have been talking about her being so young. Don't under estimate a teenage girl's revenge that she was pissed she was covering her tracks because he told her mom. Either way he should not have had sex with her.

Alilly Greco

Yeaaa . . . but that text message will probably be inadmissable in court. It's not incriminating. His lawyer could say the kid's dog shit in the lady's yard and he felt bad about it.

Jennifer M Dodge

Even if she did invite him over he is the adult he should not of did anything with her! I don't think she did though he is just another sick pedophile. Hope he never gets his girls back!

Alilly Greco

He didn't "admit" to anything, and she will still be subjected to a rape kit if she's pressing charges. You guys don't know much about the law do you?

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