Twisted New Details in Hannah Anderson Kidnapping Shed New Light on the Case

James DimaggioThe kidnapping of Hannah Anderson at the hands of family friend James DiMaggio has made national news for obvious reasons. Here is a beautiful 16-year-old girl stolen from her home, forced to live in the woods with the madman who killed her mother Christina and 8-year-old brother Ethan. It's a horror story straight out of every parent's worst nightmare. Who would think it could possibly get worse? Sadly, it has.

New details have been released from unsealed court documents that were opened late on Wednesday, and they are just awful to read. Among them: Both Christina and Ethan were tortured prior to being killed by DiMaggio. He shot and killed the family dog and then rigged his house with explosives.

Clearly this was planned, thought-out, and executed with precision so as to cause maximum pain to this family he was nearly once a part of. He had been a lifelong friend. What could have happened to make him this angry? This wasn't all that was revealed, either.

Apparently, 40-year-old DiMaggio and 16-year-old Hannah had 13 phone calls between them prior to her being picked up at cheerleading practice by someone unknown. That was when her phone was officially shut off.

Christina's body was found under a tarp in the garage. Next to it lay a crow bar and blood evidence. Ethan's body was found badly burned inside DiMaggio's home.

It also seemed early on as though DiMaggio may have had help from his sister Lora Robinson. A large number of calls had gone back and forth between them. It isn't clear whether they still suspect that or not.

Even with all these stunning new details, the whole thing is still just so mysterious. Why would a man who had been "Uncle Jimmy" to Hannah her whole life suddenly reveal a "crush" on her? Why would he torture and kill a woman he'd been best friends with since high school? Even worse, how could he hurt an innocent 8-year-old boy?

None of this makes any sense, and while DiMaggio deserves every bad thing that has happened to him (as Hannah herself said), it's also a shame he can't be questioned. No one may ever know the truth of what led him on this sick, sick crime spree.

It's a heartbreaking case.

What do you think led DiMaggio to all this?


Image via police



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nonmember avatar Tara

It's still not sitting well. Hannah's flippant reactions on social media most likely could simply be a result of how teens cope today mixed with numbing shock. However as a child and teen when my parents died within 2 years of each other I could not talk to nor engage anyone for over a year. She also mentins the loss of her pet more than her mom and brother. We all cope differently but I pray she was not involved:(

Emmie25 Emmie25

I don't know. Something doesn't seem right. Why where there so many calls between them? Why did she go with him to the campsite if he creeped her out? And what was with the comment "we are in trouble now."? Teens have been known to kill their families in the name of "love". IMO

Jacee... Jacee2348

Yeah, something stinks here.  If she was so traumatized, I doubt she'd be right back in her teenage lifestyle of Facebooking and other social media.  It's almost as if she's excited by the attention.  I hope they dig deep into whether or not she was involved or at least had prior knowledge of Mr. DiMaggio's plans.  It isn't beyond the realm of possibility, unfortunately. 

dubolis dubolis

This is a horrible, horrible situation and I cannot even imagine what this young girl has gone through. I pray that she was not involved in her mother's and brother's torture and murder. However if she was in anyway remotely involved, she needs to be charged with their deaths and prosecuted to the extent of the law. 

nonmember avatar jr2001

Law enforcement have said repeatedly that they don't believe the girl went willingly, nor do they believe she was a party to the murders. I'm guessing they know facts we never will (and that really aren't our business). I choose to give her the benefit of the doubt. I've never been through anything REMOTELY this traumatic, nor do I personally know anyone who has. I don't know how I would act, but to cast doubt and suspicion on her on top of all she's already dealing with, just seems like piling on.

middl... middleroad

As to going to Facebook after this, that is what a lot of teenagers do.  They go to social media and work out their problems.  The guy was a creep.  Pure and simple.

nonmember avatar Kim

If he creeped her out so much, why did she go on several "day trips" with him, as mentioned in the link, and why did they share so many phone calls? I really hope it's nothing, but something really seems fishy here.

kholl... kholley85

confusedHmm. From the moment I heard about this it seemed to me like the girl wasn't as innocent as she seemed. I saw that she got a manicure right after she found out her family was dead....if this is true it's ridic!

nonmember avatar MS SMITH

I thought Hannah said he tied her mom and brother up together in the garage? the mom was found in the garage, the boy was found inside the house. To me, it seems like Hannah had something to do with this. Maybe she also like DiMaggio, calling him 13 times BEFORE she went missing? Something doesn't sound right, maybe she hated her mom, she wanted to be with DiMaggio and maybe they both planned the murders and escape. I think Hannah needs to be looked at more closely, she may have caused this man to get killed due to her actions. These young girls now a days are SLICK and hot as hell. we never know.

Melissa Kowalewski

We all deal with stress differently. Let's just wait and see if something more comes out.

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