Husband Leaves Wife Right After She Got Pregnant -- for the Fertility Nurse!

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Anyone who has been through numerous failed IVF treatments knows how heartbreaking and difficult it can be. But then, if you're lucky, there comes that time when it works. When you are pregnant! When you excitedly tell your husband that you are finally going to be parents! It should end with a celebration and a big Whoop! We did it! But reportedly in the case of Po Leung, a 44-year-old Canadian woman, that's not the way it ended. It ended with ... her husband leaving her. For their fertility nurse!!!!

Leung is suing the fertility clinic where she and her husband, Stuart Westcott, went through several years of IVF treatments. And reportedly, just as Leung finally managed to have a successful pregnancy, her husband up and left her the day after she conceived. And he ran off with ... their NURSE!

Says Leung of the day she finally got pregnant:

It was one of the best days of my life -- I was thrilled. After three years and $60,000 we had finally reached our goal. But the next day was the worst day of my life.

The lawsuit claims that the nurse, Wendy Shanks, "abused her position of power, trust, and influence as her medical care provider."

Tragically, two weeks after Westcott left her for Shanks (reportedly), Leung miscarried the baby. She blames the stress of finding out about the affair and her husband leaving her.

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There's so many kinds of wrongs here. For a fertility nurse to repeatedly work to get a woman pregnant while simultaneously trying to steal her husband -- I have no words. Well, I do have words, but they are too harsh to use here.

But the husband!!?? If this is true, what kind of douchebag does this? He must have been quite aware that, at any moment, his wife could get pregnant. Presumably, he was working toward the same goal.

All the while having an affair with the nurse who was also trying to bring a child into the world? If any of this is true, it's just the worst betrayal imaginable.

I'm not so sure about suing for what is essentially a matter of the heart, but I definitely wouldn't feel bad if Leung wins her suit and manages to take this clinic to the cleaners. Especially since the clinic was apparently made aware of the affair and did nothing to discipline the nurse.

I wish you could sue someone for being a jerk, because that's what this husband deserves. At the very least, I hope Leung gets a refund!

Do you think she has the right to sue?


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No, I don't think she does, unless the clinic has some kind of fraternization with clients rule.I can understand that she wants to "stick it to um", but stick it to the husband. Sometimes I think that some women who are going thru IVF get too consumed with the process of getting pregnant(that is why they are going for treatment after all), and they're full of hormones. I think at some point if it's been going on for yrs.a man just opts out,he's not as deeply entrenched as the woman and off he goes. it's not nice but unfortunately it's life,and the guy's a tool.

danie... danielleapril

my heart breaks for this woman.

jayha... jayhawk00

PRIM unless you have gone through IVF you know nothing. That comment is incredibly ignorant. You probably made it because you are on your period and can't think straight (hopefully you are able to pick up on my metaphor).

nonmember avatar Kristi

No need to guess who helped him with his samples.

No she isn't right to sue. It is obvious they had deeper issues. Is the nurse a bitch? Oh hell yes.

nonmember avatar Summer

Wow this man turned out to be a douche and that nurse is a fool if she decides to stay with him. "What he did with you, he will do to you!"

Kali J. Burgos

I'd do a "Lorena Bobbit" on his a**

Nicole Marcellus Green

Um, whoa, both of them are just a guilty and the only poor soul in this whole encounter is the cuckoled wife.

Rebecca Chambers

yes i think she has a right to sue them and her husband. both are to blame for the loss of her child that she spent lots of money to have. and they did nothing when told what was going on. the clinic should have let her procede with that nurse. the nurse should have been fired.

Em Clemens

Horrible. I hope she wins. 

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