Kidnap Victim Hannah Anderson Gives 'Details' of Her Torturous Ordeal Over Social Media

Hannah AndersonA person claiming to be Hannah Anderson is posting on social media and giving all kinds of "details" about her harrowing ordeal. Last week, long-time family friend James DiMaggio kidnapped her, killed her mother and brother, and led police on a chase through several states and into the woods.

In these postings, which have been on, Hannah showed off the manicure she got in honor of her mom Christina and her 8-year-old brother Ethan and answered all kinds of questions about what happened. The question: Is it really her?


Many news organizations have their doubts, but many others are reporting it as fact. Whether it's real or not, the details are stunning. In her postings, "Hannah" says that the reason she is posting is to get the media off her back. She says:

I'm trying to stay strong. And get out the truth. You don't know I could be crying answering these questions at the moment. You can show real emotion over social media. Do you really think I would be Ohkay with being kidnapped and hurt Nd finding out my dog lil brother and mom was killed.? Your f*cking crazy.

Interesting. She also goes on to say that she is glad DiMaggio is dead, touched by all of the love and support she has received, and angry about the people suggesting she may have had something to do with her kidnapping.

Additionally she says she wants to be a firefighter when she grows up and that all the money raised by the family will go toward her mother and Ethan's funerals. She also talked a bit about her ordeal, claiming that she had to act cool with the hikers they ran into because she was afraid DiMaggio would kill them if she didn't.

Sadly, she also said when she was in the woods, she "knew" her mom was looking for her and that DiMaggio "deserved" exactly what he got when he was shot to death by police after a gun fight.

If this is the real Anderson, then we should all cut her some slack. Yes, it seems odd to be so chipper on social media after what she endured, but she is 16. She may be dealing with this the only way she knows how. If it's NOT her and some sick person is going to the trouble of making up all these details, then that person ought to be ashamed.

What Anderson has been through is truly unimaginable and giving her the space to heal means not judging what she does in the next few weeks.

Do you think this is the real Hannah Anderson?


Image via police

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