Notorious Killer Nurse Genene Ann Jones Killed Up to 46 Babies But Could Get Out of Prison Soon (VIDEO)

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What's even scarier than a nurse who killed one baby and who may have killed up to 46? That nurse getting out of prison. And that's what could happen soon. Genene Ann Jones was convicted in 1984 of the death of 15-month-old Chelsea McClellen. Jones was a nurse at a small town pediatric clinic in Texas. Authorities believe that somehow Genene got away with killing anywhere from 11 to 46 babies. But she was finally caught when she killed little Chelsea.

Patti McClellen, Chelsea's mom, says that she was holding Chelsea in the pediatric clinic when when Jones gave her a shot in her thigh with a needle. Patti says almost immediately Chelsea had trouble breathing. She tried to say her mother's name but couldn't. "I was extremely upset," says Patti.

Jones was convicted of injecting the toddler with a lethal dose of a muscle relaxant. All while her mom still held her! Jones was also convicted of trying to do the same thing to another child, but that one survived.

However, up to 46 kids are suspected of falling prey to Jones, the killer nurse.

That said, Jones has now served 35 years of a 60-year plus 99-year sentence to be served concurrently, and because of good behavior, she could be let out in four years. This is because of a good behavior/prison overcrowding program that has since been dismantled, but was in place when Jones was sentenced.

But Chelsea's mom is doing everything she can to keep her daughter's killer in prison. She is working to try and find another victim that can be used to convict Jones again. But the investigation is hampered because all of the records of the previous children Jones is suspected of killing have been destroyed. According to Wikipedia, the records were destroyed on purpose by Bexar County Hospital, to prevent litigation after Jones' conviction! (That hospital no longer exists.)

The sick thing here is that Jones apparently didn't even want to kill these kids -- she reportedly did it because she wanted the praise and attention that came with saving the children after they went into distress. But she was not good at her dosages and just keep killing them -- which didn't stop her from continuing her vile ways.

Jones is so notorious that Stephen King apparently used her as the inspiration for Annie Wilkes in his book Misery.

Obviously, this person cannot be released from prison. Texas needs to do something, and fast. This is not likely a person who has learned any lessons in prison or will come out a different person. This is someone who is a danger to everyone who happens to cross her path. Sociopaths of this nature don't change.

Do you think she has done enough time?


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nonmember avatar Hm.

You, m'dear author, are a terrible proof reader.

nonmember avatar blh

There is something totally wrong with out justice system. It is way too lax. This woman should have gotten the death penalty. Now she has a chance of getting out? It's ridiculous.

Kediset Kediset

that's insane... and that's one twisted hospital.

as much as I disagree with what's going to happen, can't do a thing about it unless they can catch her for something else. Got to be satisfied though that she probably won't be able get a job in the medical field again. Hopefully. .

nonmember avatar Summer

That hospital does exist, it was renamed. I live in Bexar County.

youth... youthfulsoul

That makes me sick. No way in hell she should ever be released.

the4m... the4mutts

Oh, my, god..... they're letting a baby killer out for good behavior???? She has killed more than some SERIAL KILLERS!! Would they let the boston strangler out for "good behavior"?


JS0512 JS0512

There isn't enough time in a lifetime for her to serve to be considered "enough".  She should have received the death penalty.  This is ridiculous! 

Cheryl Queen

I would so love to have a COME TO JESUS MEETING WITH THIS PIG!!!

andre... andreasmom02

This is so sad. I am a nurse, and could never imagine hurting an innocent child. I hope this evil witch never gets out! I pray for the victim's families that she is never released. Some day she will answer to God for what she did!

dtjoh... dtjohnson7

Who cares about proofreading? The point is that this woman should never get out of prison. She is a serial killer.

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