Man Kills Himself in Hospital Room Just Hours After His Wife Gave Birth to Their Baby

man kills himself after wife gives birthA 32-year-old man in Houston, Texas has shot himself to death in a hospital room hours after his wife gave birth in that same room. With their baby just 3.5 hours old, witnesses say they heard arguing and then the man was gone. What could have possibly happened to cause him to be so despondent just hours after one of the most moving events most of us will ever experience?

Details are sparse at this point. Even his name isn't being released, possibly because this has to be unimaginably difficult for his family. Still, witnesses say they heard arguing coming from the hospital room shortly before the gun shot and some family members and friends say he had been "distraught" for weeks leading up to the suicide.

The baby wasn't in the room at the time of the suicide. It was just the husband and the wife. 

After this weekend's horrific events with the father who killed himself after shooting his 9-year-old son, it's obvious that depression in fathers (and fathers-to-be) isn't to be taken lightly.

For many men, a new baby is a terrifying prospect. It means a lot of responsibility. After all, a new life is completely dependent on them. It's scary for women, too, but we have nine months to get used to it as we bond with the baby inside us. Could this have played into his decision to end it? We may never know.

But I keep thinking of his poor wife. Here she is, probably still in pain from everything her body has just gone through. She is likely exhausted, elated, overwhelmed, and emotional. It's some of the happiest and most overwhelming moments of her life. And then this. He took that joy away from her. In many ways, that just seems so cruel.

The hospital room that should have been a place where the new family bonded and fell in love became the place where he died and left her alone with her new baby and her grief. It makes me wonder if he meant to hurt himself or her more. How do you ever come back from something like that?

For now, I am sure, she has her baby to focus on. In the coming weeks, maybe there will be more information on why he would have done this.

My heart goes out to her and their baby.

Do you think this was planned out?


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nonmember avatar Summer

Now the family has to watch her carefully for any signs that she might be next after all she has been through.

early... earlybird11

Well I understand ur assumptions but u made it seem like this was kimda the babies fault.......


I don't think you should compare him to that man who shot himself and his son. That man was a murderer and no better than that shit who killed his two boys with a hatchet .

nonmember avatar Kristi

Depression in ANYONE should not be taken lightly. Not just fathers and new fathers.
Sad story.

nonmember avatar Mamad1214

Im not trying to be mean an bad mouth anyone here but maybe the baby was not his and he just could not stand to think of his wife lying to him for nine months saying it was his child... still I feel bad for mom just having gone thru labor and child birth but we all dont know the whole story....

nonmember avatar Nicolle

What could make a man so hurt he would kill himself right after his wife gave birth? Did anyone think maybe she told him the baby wasn't his? That could destroy someone.

nonmember avatar cj

After reading this story, the first thing I thought was He wasn't the father. That could literally made a difference. It stated that he was already distraught weeks before the baby was due. He probably already knew and he was emotionally hurting so much and held it in for so long and just wasn't able to handle it and did not want to be a part of their lives. He must of loved her so much and felt so betrayed. He ended his life. If this was the case, it is very sad. My prayers goes out to the family.

Sharon Kyro Garcia

people are so selfish... When they want to hurt themselves they end up hurting so many more people.. Her happy day.. giving birth, then him killing himself, And then the stupid selfish people that kill their kids or spouces... I just don't understand :(


Dennis Simon

Maybe he had a friend like Simon Cowell

Looki... Looking4Truth

I feel so horrible for that new mom!  Also, I wonder what that child is going to feel like when he/she finds out that daddy killed himself just a few hours after he/she was born.  Of course, maybe their arguing was over the fact that the baby wasn't really his! This whole thing is devastating in every possible way.  My heart goes out to this mom and her child. 

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