'Killer' Nanny Yoselyn Ortega’s Phone Calls to Her Son Could Be Held Against Her


The country was horrified and shocked when two little children were allegedly killed by the person who should have been protecting them: their nanny. Yoselyn Ortega has been in jail since that mind-numbingly awful event, and her lawyers are arguing that she is mentally unfit to stand trial. That she "heard voices" talking about killing people on the day she allegedly stabbed little Lucia and Leo Krim to death in their own bathtub.

Yet reportedly jailhouse phone calls catch her sounding lucid and chatty with relatives. Still, it's hard to fathom that a woman would suddenly stab to death her two young charges -- little children who did nothing to her and with whom she'd always had a good relationship -- without being mentally deranged.

Reportedly, Ortega has been having long conversations with her family from the jailhouse phone -- and, of course, those are recorded. They can also be used against you.

In the calls, Ortega shows that she's concerned about the money the calls cost. She also asks her son about mundane things such as going to Motor Vehicles, and about some home renovations, asking, "Did they already put [in] the tiles?" When her 17-year-old son says they're going to paint first, then put in the tiles, she responds: "Yes, because then the tiles get dirty while painting."

On the other hand, talking about tiles when you're in jail for murdering two little kids is pretty cray.

While I have strong doubts about Ortega's claims of "hearing voices," periods of lucidity and linear thinking don't necessarily negate the possibility of mental illness. A defense witness who was called to one of the hearings that will determine whether Ortega can stand trial explained, "Somebody can function in a day-to-day sense on some level but still not be competent to stand trial because of the specific nature of what [the law] demands."

It was also said that Ortega received brain damage when she slit her own throat after the children's murder -- but a doctor said it shouldn't impede her competency to stand trial.

But it's even more difficult to prove that someone didn't know right from wrong when committing a crime. My guess is if Ortega goes to trial, that will be the next tack her defense team will take. Here's my question: If Ortega was insane at the time of the crime, wouldn't anyone have noticed she was insane? The Krims don't look like people who wouldn't have a clue about this.

Whether Ortega heard voices or not, my guess is we will never know the true reason behind why she allegedly did what she did.

Do you think she is insane?


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Sarah... SarahHall58

If someone is hearing voices you can absolutely tell. I've been a psychiatric nurse for many years and I can tell when people are right.

Diahann Pchez Moyler

I think she is insane. What person, namely another mom, in their right mind would harm two beautiful children? She engaged in bizarre behavior prior to the killings. What's sad is that no one informed the parents. I guess hindsight is 50/50. Prayers for the remaining family. This is an overall tragedy for both families.

pengua pengua

I say yes because I can't fathom a sane person doing what she did. She should still be in prison for life though.

Martha Brewer


Jenna Destefano

She is sane enough to talk on the phone then she is sane enough to go on trial and would be dangerous if put in a mental hospital.

Kacie Schleis

She should be able to claim she was/is insane, and get the help she needs. She then should have to go to prison for muder for the rest of her life.


Jennifer Lee Vye

Diagnosing psychiatric patients is harder than just looking at them as others in this post have eluded to. I think what she did was monsterous and she should have to pay her debt! HOWEVER - playing the Devil's advocate - she could have been hearing voices - and she could NOW be on medication dispensed @ the jail and be lucid. There are just too many variables for this to be so cut and dry.

nonmember avatar Tara

Crazy or not she killed 2 babies and is guilty...should be put to death!!

Jacee... Jacee2348

^^I think hindsight is 20/20.  :) 

Teddi Tootsie Pop Cromling

Slitting her own throat shows she was remorseful for what she did.. also shows she felt guilty for doing it.. in my humble opinion

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