Catholic School Tutor Accused of Having Sex With 15-Year-Old Boy After His Mom Finds Disturbing Photos

teacher sex wtih student, abigail marie simonA Catholic teacher from Michigan was arrested and held on $25,000 bail for allegedly having sex with a 15-year-old student after his mom found pictures of the woman in her garter belt on his phone.

Abigail Marie Simon, 33, pleaded not guilty to the charges involving the boy and was jailed in lieu of bail, according to the New York Daily News.

The teen's mother discovered the affair between her son and the tutor after seeing a sexting exchange on his phone that included lewd messages and photos of Simon in her garter belt. How horrifying for that poor mom! Can you even imagine? It's just plain sick.

Simon's charges include criminal sexual conduct and accosting a minor for immoral purposes. The inappropriate relationship apparently lasted from early February to late April and involved rendezvous for sex at the teacher's old apartment.

Simon, a study hall teacher and tutor at Catholic Central and West Catholic high schools, was fired in April after the teen's mother told administrators what was going on. Simon now lives with her parents and has been ordered to have no contact with the boy.

These cases are beyond unsettling for moms everywhere. Can you even begin to fathom finding all this out when you thought your son was safe at school? And no matter how a 15-year-old boy might feel at the time about having sex with a pretty teacher, there's no doubt such a disgusting abuse of power would be deeply damaging in ways that might not even become apparent for years.

Let's just hope this boy gets the counseling he needs -- and his teacher, if she's found guilty, gets the punishment she deserves.

Do cases like this worry you about your own child's teachers?


Image via Grand Rapids Police Department

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Elaine Cox

she pleads not guilty..meanwhile tries to think up a way he got the pics...

Michael Weldon

Its really hard to see the "damage" done here to the 15 year old boy in question.  Has anyone ever followed up groups of boys who did this 10 and 20 years later to see if there were any real issues?  I bet if you compared two groups of 100 men - a norm group and a group that had seen action with adult women while they were 14-16 you would see very little difference in how they turned out.

Dylan Anderson

what damage? the only damage is gonna be to the girl.. the kid got laid in high school.. thats every boys dream.. as for the girl.. im sure she'll get over it.

nonmember avatar Me

I totally get why a 15 y old boy would like to nail a pretty teacher. When I was 16 there was a really hot spanish teacher in our hs in his late 20s, and if hed offered, id slept with him and so would have many other girls, this guy was hott. Lol However I cant understand why a 30 y old would like to do anything with a 15 y old. Im 32 and looking at my 15 y old niece and her friends, they are kids. No matter that they think theyre fully grown at that age. Sure some 15 y old boys are very attractive, but I could never have sex with one or even look at one more than to just notice that hes a good looking KID. But I guess thats why im not a pedofile..

And yeah, id like to see that study too about these teen boys 20 y later, how they really are affected long term. Not that its right, but I dont think they suffer that much as long as they were fully willing participants

John Alastair

Michael, you've posted a message suggesting that this case is no big deal since any 15 year old boy would probably have wanted to be in this one's shoes. The problem with that type of thinking is that you are taking away the tutor's need to behave like a responsible adult. If you're going to argue that the boy probably wanted it anyway (and that most normal boys would), don't forget that there are girls who've seduced male adults (whether or not the law officially recognizes their ability to do this). Should the men they've had sex with be in jail considering that their victims wanted it anyway?

nonmember avatar emmett

well i can see the horny desperate morons have taken over this comment section

villi... villieval

Ahah i know to many giys that has already started having sex at a young age. And some younger than than that 15yo boy. Im sure he doesnt need any counceling. Just like one commentor had said "he got laid in highschool" big deal. Plus u dont know who started the relationship. But for sure, the woman should not condone such acts with a minor anyway. If shes horny, use a vibrator. Lol

Derek W. Newell

Bad girl. Please view a poem I wrote in reference to the relationship amongst celebrity couples, Please go to Google, type in my name, Derek Newell Poet, and then my poem, ''EXPRESS IT'' Please turn your family and friends on to my poem,I know it inspire them, and please, be excellent to one another. Thank You.


Frank Hernandez

Where were these ladies when I was 15.

nonmember avatar Joe South

All my teachers during high school were old and un-sexy looking....and ugly. So, I remained a virgin until I was 17, when I met a beautiful 18 year old and we rocked and rolled in the grass. LoL.

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