What Will You Tell Your Boys About Periods? The Stir Writers Discuss (VIDEO)

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Camp Gyno

A very frank and funny video about girls and their periods has generated a lot of discussion on the topic -- and you know our writers from The Stir had plenty to say about it!

Five writers talked about the now-infamous Camp Gyno YouTube video, which is being hailed as a 'revolutionary' advertisement that, for a change, doesn't hem and haw when it comes to discussing menstruation.

As our writers discussed the video, an equally interesting topic came up -- Most of us have planned what we'll tell our girls about their periods .... but what will you tell your boys? Here's what we think about that:

Honestly, I had never thought about what to tell my son about menstruation, but once the subject came up, I realized I DO NOT want him to be the annoying boy who teases girls about their periods. I also don't want him to be fearful about menstruation or think that it's weird or gross.

So yes, we will be having a conversation about it once he's nine or ten years old.

Perhaps you're wondering what all this Camp Gyno fuss is about in the first place? If you haven't seen the video, here it is:

I just had the 'Aunt Flo' conversation with my daughter. What made it far easier was the fact that I first gave her The Care and Keeping of You, a book published by American Girl that I can't recommend highly enough. Not only did it explain menstruation in simple, age-appropriate terms, it also covers all the changes girls bodies go through at puberty, something my nine-year-old is becoming very curious about. She has read the book through several times now and has now developed an elaborate toiletry routine each morning and evening as a result! CUTE.

I'd love to know your thoughts on all of this. What did you think of the Camp Gyno video? How did you tell your daughter about menstruation, or how will you? And what will you tell your sons?



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the4m... the4mutts

My 9y/o boy, and 7y/o girl both know about periods.

It all starts what they see you buying feminine products and as "whats that for?"

I had them wait till we got home, and explained it to them in very honest terms. My son wasnt phased at ALL, as he is very into anything sciencey, and how things work. Including the human body.

My daughter, well, she said it was nasty. And I very frankly told her

"Yes, it can be. But it is a perfectly natural part of growing up, and doesnt make YOU nasty, just because it will happen to you some day. And BTW, everything about having babies and raising kids is nasty, but I still had 4 of y'all!!"

If you are honest, and open, kids wont think its such a big deal, IMO

truth... truthrowan

My boys (5 &3) have barged in on me in the bathroom when I was post partum with their baby brother, so we had to explain to them why mommy was bleeding (they saw the trashcan). I explained that mommy's body grows special cushioning in case she gets pregnant and has a baby, but every month if she doesn't get pregnant, the cushioning has to be changed and mommy will bleed, and that after their baby brother was born my body had to get rid of all the cushioning it grew to take care of him when she was pregnant, and that's also why mommy has to wear a "diaper" (pad). Besides worrying that it might hurt me, they were perfectly okay about it.

nonmember avatar Jenny

My oldest is 6 and calls it "lady bleeding". Lol!

butte... butterflyfreak

I don't have a son so I've never considered that. As for my daughter, I have already opened the dialogue about the changes that she can expect. She's only 6 so I haven't really gotten into the period aspect, but she knows that when she gets older that she'll develop breasts and start getting hair in different places. She has walked in on me while I was changing my tampon and asked about it. She was only like 4 at the time so I told her it was something we'd discuss when she got a little older.

bleed... bleedingheart8D

My 11 year old son knows ALL ABOU IT! 

SaphireH SaphireH

My son is 8 and its been explained to him because as it seems to be a trend he walked in one time i forgot to lock the bathroom door so i gave a simple explanation while my daughter at 4 kinda gets it but she shocked me when i was pregnant with my youngest and i had random bleeding and one day the bleeding got real bad and was hunting for a pad and even though i didn't say to her what i was hunting for she found a pad for me and handed it to me saying "is this what you need mommy?" I said yes thank you and was surprised she knew it was what i needed

nonmember avatar naoma

Never had a son -- only one daughter. She was taught (VERY YOUNG) all the facts. At age 3 a young friend was on the porch with her and I heard the girl say "My Mommy is having a baby and it is in her TUMMY." Daughter came in, slamming the door and said: "She knows nothing of the womb." Yes, she knew it all but was not allowed to convey the truth to any friends whose parents did not tell the truth.

nonmember avatar naoma

If I had a son I am sure I'd tell him the truth as our daughter was always told the truth on any matter -- but was not allowed to tell friends whose parents were not as truthful as we were.

nonmember avatar Andrea

When my son was about 10, he asked about the tampons I was buying in the supermarket. I didn't want to explain it there and then, but when we got home, I explained what they were for in honest terms. In retrospect I'm glad he asked, as he was quite sensible about it all and it opened up an opportunity to talk to him about puberty generally (i'm a single mum).

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