Cop Arrests Woman After She Uses Despicable Lie to Get Out of Speeding Ticket

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When a New Jersey state trooper pulled a woman over for speeding, he actually felt bad about it. The woman, Carley Williams, was "emotional" and explained that she was on her way to the hospital, where her father had stage four cancer and was hardly breathing. She was trying to make it to the hospital to say goodbye. The trooper, Christopher J. Cummings, is a good man. He has a heart. So he told her to slow down and then let Carley go on her way. But then it nagged at him. Cummings says he always asks speeders if there is an emergency, and no doubt he's heard it all. But this time he decided to do some checking up. When he found out that Carley's father had actually passed away five years ago, he was incensed at her lie. He felt she had "preyed on [his] emotions." So he decided to do something about it.

After Cummings left the scene, allowing Carley to go on her way to the hospital, he decided to call the hospital where she said she was headed. He asked about Carley's dad and was told there was no such person there.

So then he did an online search. And found an obituary for Carley's dad from five years ago. That is, in fact, why Carley had so much detail about her dad's condition. Because her dad had died of cancer. And it was why Carley was able to seem so emotional. She just had to dredge up what had happened five years ago.

Obviously, none of what happened half a decade before was an excuse for speeding that day. Cummings told ABC News: "For someone to lie about their deceased father just to get out of a speeding ticket was pretty upsetting to me as a person."

Cummings then ran Carley through a database and found out she had a suspended registration. So he decided to head over to her house ... and arrest her.

At first, he said Carley denied lying. But eventually she fessed up.

Did Cummings take this too personally? Carley was going 82 miles an hour in a 65-mile an hour zone. This IS speeding. But it's not like she was going 100 miles an hour and weaving in and out of traffic or drunk. Did Cummings really need to put all of that time into essentially punishing a woman for a lie?

I say yes. First off, she had two infractions: the speeding and driving with a suspended registration. Second of all, she's probably been using her father's death to get out of myriad things since it happened. Hence why her story was so well rehearsed.

Everyone lies occasionally, and most people are going to do what they can to get out of a ticket. But there's something about using your dead father to do it that reeks of entitlement. There are consequences to breaking the law.

But there are also consequences for lying. She's paying hers. And hopefully that will be a teachable moment for her.

Do you think the officer overreacted?

Image via CAN News/YouTube

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Roxygurl Roxygurl

December 22 of 2012 I had to put my kitty to sleep and I was of course distraught. I had to go back to work so I was driving and not paying attention to the speed limit that had just dropped. I was pulled over and the cop saw my tears and I said I just had to put my cat to sleep with the paper work in my front seat and he let me go. I am forever grateful for that, he showed me a moment of kindness just when I needed it the most and I'd never in a million years lie like that witch did to get out of a ticket. That's disgusting.

nonmember avatar Laurie

Good for him! Compassion is a gift and it should never be used to take advantage of someone.

Brain... BrainyMommy

I was stopped for going 43 in a 35 mph zone. I was prepared to receive my ticket. It was my fault. I was distracted and hadn't been watching the speed limit because I'd just taken my 18 month old son to the pediatrician, which I admitted to the cop. He leaned in to take a peak at my son in the backseat. At that moment, my sick child projectile vomited all over me and the cop. He let me go with a look on his face that clearly said, "Ugh. Disgusting. I'm never having kids."

Roxygurl Roxygurl

Brainy mommy I bet that's a story he tells all the time too!!

nonmember avatar truth

Brainymom, he was lying to you. You cannot receive a ticket for going less than at least 10 miles over the speed limit. Used that as an excuse to pull you over, maybe he thought you might have drugs or something

Theresa Jensen

I'm glad the trooper went after this woman. My ex-husband has and is still using his dad dying from congestive heart failure to get and to get out of things. His dad was told about 9yrs ago to go home and die. That hasn't happened he's still alive and kicking. No I have no symphony for this woman. She needs to learn to let go and stop being a child!

the4m... the4mutts

Good! Dumb woman. Just take your damn punishment, and stop repeat offending.

I got pulled over for doing a "california roll" in a school zone once.

The cop looked in my window to ask for my license and made a sqwack/yelp sound, and said "What happened to your face?!" All afraid like I was contagious.

It was soooo funny! See, I was pregnant, and had PUPPS. I was terribly itchy, had a full body swollen rash, and had just come from the pharmacy with my Rx itch cream (which I showed him with the receipt). I was in a hurry to get home and slather it on haha

He just said "Go use your rash cream", shivered, and backed quickly away. It was hilarious.

keelh... keelhaulrose

Truth, as someone who has seen tickets for five miles over stick (not mine), I think you're playing armchair lawyer.

Our you could come speed through my neighborhood. Our local officers would love to meet you, and they don't issue many warnings. I did a ride along with one, and he pulled a woman over for four over in a construction zone- a $375 ticket in these parts.

Tina Henderson

she deserved it, how sad that she would stoop that low to do that. Im glad he went back to arrest I think they all should do that, people think they can get away with everything

nonmember avatar Kristi

Truth-you can get a ticket for 1 mile over the speed limit sooo watch your lead foot!
I am glad the trooper tracked her down. She got what she deserves.

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