Parents Arrested for Driving Drunk ... With Their Kids in the Trunk!

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It must be time for the Worst Parent of the Year awards, because these particular parents were certainly out to get a medal. A couple were arrested in San Bernardino, California after someone noticed something odd inside their car trunk. The person called police. Cops came to check it out and asked the mom to open the trunk. She reportedly hesitated but then flipped it. And there. In the trunk. Were. TWO CHILDREN. And, yes, they belonged to her. Grrr .....

It all started when April and Richard Burgo went through a drive-through at a restaurant. Apparently they must have popped the trunk for a moment because a witness saw a child in the trunk and called 911. Cops found the car after it left the restaurant and pulled it over.

Reportedly, cops could smell booze a mile away. The allegedly inebriated couple were in the car with another adult. The mom was driving. When asked to open the trunk, that's when cops made their alarming discovery. Inside were a 6-year-old boy and an 8-year-old girl, both crying.

It breaks my heart to think of what these poor kids were feeling and knowing their (allegedly) blotto parents had put them in the freaking trunk! Police believe everyone was aware the children were there. That this wasn't some kind of accident.

I don't think these parents deserve another chance at parenthood. If it was a deliberate act, it is one of the cruelest I can think of.

The children are now under the care of a relative. It really boggles my mind why some people have kids. And to think child-free people are judged for not having them??!!

Thanks must go out to the person whose eagle-eye saw the child earlier. And who was caring enough to call 911. A lot of people might have doubted what they saw. Or assumed it was some kind of game.

Get involved. Keep vigilant. Not everyone is taking care of their kids. Some are being downright tortured. You have every right to call the police. Even if it turns out to be nothing, you did the right thing.

Have you ever seen anything that made you call 911 on a parent?


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Donna Gendron

Those people don't deserve children ! For crying out loud, how stupid can you be !!!

Aimee Oldenburg

I agree, it is NEVER wrong to stand up for children. As it so happens, I did have to call the police on a parent once. Me and my at the time 2 year old daughter pulled into our parking garage to see a man who had trapped his children and wife inside of their van, he was screaming at them and every now and then would open the door and punch them, then shut it again. I had my daughter to think about, so I did not intervene, but went immediately to my home and called the police. Afterwards, not only did the police thank me for calling, but the mother came over crying a few days later and said I saved her and her children. Apparently quite a few neighbors had seen what was going on and did nothing. The father went to prison for assault. 

nonmember avatar Luna

I have, actually. A couple of 2-3 year old twins were playing outside, crossing the street back and forth, completely unsupervised. Their rabbit had gotten loose and apparently mom was taking a nap in the basement and couldn't be buggered to get up and keep an eye on her kids. That wasn't the first time I'd seen those kids by themselves, and after the 2nd or 3rd time I called the cops. I didn't see them anymore after that, so I guess there was a case there.

Too many people are afraid to get involved, even peripherally, and too many children are damaged because of it. Please, if you see something that looks off, do something about it. Better safe than sorry, especially for the kids.

Alexia Holder

I used to get locked in the trunk of the car and left there for a little while after we got home. It was... Far from pleasant. I feel so bad for those kids, and hope the judge makes a good ruling. Parents like that should not have custody of children.

nonmember avatar Amy

Alexia, I am so sorry that you had to go throught that experience. I agree, these "parents" do not deserve to have custody (hell,even visitation)of these poor kids.

jalaz77 jalaz77

What in the hell? This makes me so sad!

Patricia Ghiraldi

its like why do you have children just to abuse them if you dont want to be a parent dont make them get  fixed and/or give them up to a responsible family member or to a couple who cant have kids. those poor babies were probably scared to death shame on you....


Rebecca Storms Spears

this is aweful . and yes i have i even call the welfare .

Dawn Nealings

I can not believe someone would be so cruel to their kids. God know what those kids went through before they were found. I actually had a neighbor call on me once because my oldest son was screaming incessantly. My son is autistic was having a meltdown due to a change in his routine which is normal for a child like him. My neighbor did not know this and became concerned. The police showed up and looked at my son, I showed them documentation to his disability and they witnessed him having a meltdown because they were in our home and he did not know them at all. They talked to the neighbor and she showed up at my door to apologize. I was so surprised I told her she should never apologize for trying to protect a child; she felt could be endanger. I told her I am glad she was brave enough to call because this time she was wrong and my son was ok but the next time she might just save a child from serious harm. Her and I are now dear friends. It is people like the witness in this story and my neighbor who are saving children's lives everyday. No one should be afraid to make that call it can and does save so many lives.

Heather Pearsall Mattila

Are they related to Casey Anthony? I'm sure that is what happened to poor little Caylee. They should be put in jail & have their kids taken away.....

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