Man Charged for Trying to Sell Baby on Craigslist Was a Big Baby Himself

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baby carriageNot to take away from that Bachelorette engagement glow or anything, but can we please talk about the worst date ever? So you're a new single mom with a 2-month-old baby. You go out with a guy a couple times but it becomes clear early on that he's kind of an asshole, so you dump him. And what does he do to get back at you? He tries to sell your baby on Craigslist, that's what. For only $100.

Paul Marquez is accused of posting an ad reading "baby for sale" under "for sale by owner" even though he is not the father. The ad said the baby plays well but has asthma and was "really getting on my nerves." (Which kind of sounds like what you'd say about a car -- works fine but I just don't like the paint job.) "I don't want her please email me." Oh yeah, and Marquez reportedly gave out the mother's phone number, and someone actually called her in response to the ad.

The poor baby -- Marquez I mean -- was just upset because his ex-girlfriend paid more attention to her daughter than she paid to him. SIGH. Is it relevant to mention Marquez worked in the stock room of Victoria's Secret? Probably not. (It totally is.)

Anyway, if this all sounds like a harmless prank from your garden variety douchebag, it's not. Marquez has been charged with endangering the welfare of a child, harassment, and a social service violation. You do not joke around with other people's children like this.

I can't imagine how creepy this must have been for the poor mom. Dating is not supposed to be this dangerous! I think most single women are always aware of the threat of stalkers and harassment for themselves, but how many single moms worry about their dates going after their kids, too? I don't think Marquez intended serious harm to come to the baby, but it would still be a chilling experience to find your child is being offered for sale on Craigslist. I'm glad they caught the guy.

How seriously do you think police should take this incident?


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nonmember avatar Okkk

What a sick MF. Now, what the F*CK is that woman doing dating after giving birth a month ago?! Helloooo?! When 8 gave birth the LAST rhing on my mind was to go out on a date. Specially after a month... Sone women can't stop d*ck hoping...


What an a$$!!angry

Todd Vrancic

What a loser!  Hope the cops throw the book at him!

craft... craftycatVT

A little off topic, but how does a woman find the time or energy to date when she has a 2 month old baby?! I could barely function when my daughter was that age.

Amy Persun Connors

unfortently with the way the world is today this and anything like this needs to be taken seriously. People are sick and if he is sick enough to do this who is to say he isnt sick enough to actually try to kidnap the baby and really try to sell her

Judi Moses-Ross

Unfortunately in this day and age a single parent has everything to worry about when bringing a person into not just their life, but the life of the their child. There are some sick twisted people in this world who are capable of anything, including but not limited to abuse (sexual and physical) and evidently selling your child on craigslist.

hippi... hippiechick4812

Wow, shaming the mom for dating? Y'all take slut shaming to a new, pathetically low level. Congratulations.


Shlamoof Shlamoof

How many single moms worry about their dates going after their kids, too?  I would hope all of them!  As a mom, the kids are my first priority, definitely more important than my social life.

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