Pregnant Woman Killed by Tree Branch Leaves Military Dad-to-Be Behind

tree branchA heartbreaking and freak accident happened over the weekend in which a pregnant woman was killed, leaving her 20-year-old husband behind. Yingyi Li-Dikov was doing one of the most innocuous things a human could possibly do -- sitting on a bench at a park -- when a tree branch fell on top of her, killing her and her unborn baby girl. Li-Dikov was hanging out at a park in Queens, New York, presumably exercising since she was in jogging clothes, when an uprooted oak tree fell and crushed her. She was immediately taken to a nearby hospital, but sadly was pronounced dead on arrival.

Her husband, Aleksandar Dikov, who recently completed basic training for the National Guard, is, understandably, heartbroken. "She was a very great and loving person," Dikov said. "I was so happy to be with her. She was the one for me. She was the best thing. I don't think I'll find another girl like her. I know I won’t.”

Talk about life being unfair.

On any given day, there are millions of people doing dangerous things. And by no means do they deserve to die, but it's just so ironic and weird and cruel that a pregnant woman with her whole life ahead of her, and her baby, would be killed from sitting on a park bench. Something she and her husband probably never in a million years thought would put her in harm's way. Dikov, who must have been so thrilled to have his first child on the way, now is left with nothing. No wife. And no baby. He's no longer a husband; no longer a father-to-be. His life as he knew it is over.

I truly can't think of any possible explanation for something as awful and random as this happening. It just flat-out seems like life being mean and unfair. Thoughts and prayers to Yingyi's loved ones, especially her husband.

What do you think of this?

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nonmember avatar Kristi

That HAS to be the definition of freak accident. You just never know when your time is up. Sad story.

nonmember avatar rowanna

I will be praying for this family and that they all find peace in a terrible day. May she rest in peace along with her baby girl. This saddens my heart.

jaznrich jaznrich

This reminds me of the Tripp Halsted story out of Georgia. A large tree branch fell on the little boy while playing outside. He survived, but has serious medical issues from his brain injury.

JoAnna Morelli

Feel very sad for the family. God has a reason for every birth and death...I would be devastated myself in this situation, but I pray he will find peace again one day and not think his life is over...

nonmember avatar Brittany

Wow, seriously not three weeks ago I took my son to the park and was sitting down when there was a loud crack and accross the street a branch fell on a car, it made me paranoid since the park is surrounded by huge trees and most of the benches are under them. Sad that this actually happened :(

Pixie030 Pixie030

wow, I hope you are never in charge of  trying to console someone in this type of situation. His life is not over, his wife and baby's lives are.. but he is still alive. It may take a long time but the best thing about us is that our hearts can heal, we can go on after something devastating happens and we can eventually smile and be happy again. His future has changed for sure, and his envisioned future may be gone but it doesn't mean he can't one day find love again and have a baby with that person someday.

lmh84 lmh84

He will ALWAYS be a husband and a father regardless of what happened.

TinyT... TinyTootiePie

Nobody said his life was over, Pixie. "His life AS HE KNEW IT is over" and that's true. I'm very sorry. I would be devastated. Stupid freak accident. And it wasn't an old single person who had enjoyed many yrs of life, no, it was a young wife and mother to be.... What a pity. How very sad. Prayers are in order. May he be able to move on and find healthy happiness.

nonmember avatar Rock

He'll move on and find another wife to have a baby with. People are replaceable and he will forget about this freak accident as soon as he finds another woman. That's how life is.

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