Disabled Daughter Left Handcuffed to Bed While Mom Attends a Wedding

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Tiffany DavisA mother in Maryland could be facing some serious jail time after her mentally disabled daughter was found wandering around a North Carolina hotel this weekend. Tiffany Davis was at a wedding at the time, and it seems she didn't want her teenager, who has the mental capacity of a 3- or 4-year-old, along. Cops say she'd handcuffed her daughter to the hotel bed!

Kind of makes you wonder why she brought her along for the trip to North Carolina at all, doesn't it? But thank goodness she did.

Imagine, for just a second, if Davis' 19-year-old daughter had been left back home in Maryland.

Not only would a mentally handicapped girl have been left alone -- as she was at the hotel -- but who would have found her?

It's sad when this is the bright side of a story, but the fact is, there is some good here. The girl managed to get loose of her shackles, cops say, and she left the room. She was found, taken good care of, and mom was arrested.

Davis was jailed in Gaston County Jail on a $100,000 secured bond. Cops say they found handcuffs and a dog leash in the hotel room, and they have the witnesses from the hotel who shared enough info to substantiate a neglect charge against the 37-year-old Maryland mother.

A perfect ending?

No. Not even a happy one, necessarily, but this is life, not a fairy tale.

The fact is, if this poor girl hadn't been left in that hotel room, who knows what would have happened to her with a mother like that. This was, in essence, her ticket out of there, her chance to be rescued.

And from the sounds of the charges against her mom, it was about darn time.

What do you make of this horror story?


Image via police

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jorji... jorjiegirl

If her daughter was 19 then apparently her mother has done something right for 19yrs...this is probably her only one mistake and it ended up being a huge one I feel sorry for the mother knowing what a parent with a special needs child goes thru it's a never ending job that very few of the parents ever get help with or a break from...I'm not sayin what she did was right by any means but this is where the state should help provide a place almost like a special needs daycare so these parents can get a break if needed then issues of abuse or neglect to them wouldn't occur, nobody understands the stress and agony unless they live it daily...so sorry for them both :(

Helena A. Woolley-Killins

I don't believe this is her ONLY mistake!! She came prepared w/ handcuffs and a DOG leash!!! She had FULL intentions on doing just what she did, and I believe this isn't the first time nor the second!!!!!! 

GirlN... GirlNamedBillie

Are you kidding me? This woman handcuffed her 19 yr old who has the mentality of a 3yr old to a hotel room bed and left her alone to go to a wedding, and someone is sticking up for her?? What if someone with ill intentions found her? No one deserves to be treated like that. Then you want to blame the state for not providing extra care for people with disabilities so the parents can have a break? It's called a care giver and she could have gotten one!!!!!!!!! There's NO EXCUSE WHATSOEVER FOR THIS!

JAK_m... JAK_momma_2_4

Wow jorjiegirl. I hope someone handcuffs you to a bed and leaves you for hours so you know how it feels.

jorji... jorjiegirl

Wow obviously y'all have NEVER dealt with ppl that are mentally handicapped, if you would all go back and read it plainly says I didn't agree with what she done...and I said if the state would help then maybe things like this wouldn't happen...and FYI the states suck when it comes to helping pay caregivers, etc when these parents ask for help so yes to an extent I did defend her as a parent, not of her actions to handcuff her daughter on that part yes she was very very wrong I never said she was right for her actions

Marsha Hubbard Keith

life with out parole sounds good to me or hey lets handcuff her to a bed and leave her for a day or hey put a dog lease on her and lead her around town

Marsha Hubbard Keith

I cannot believe jorjigirl or what ever her ID is support of mom- I do not tie my dog up and leave him alone while I gone all day this mother is a cruel heartless witch who has more than likely abusing this child for nineteen years and only keeping her for the check she getting on her LIFE WITH OUT PAROLE and how could any of you say you feel sorry for her- I worked for over 15 years in the disability field and if I had been the case manager for this girl I would have had mom in jail years ago and the girl in a good foster home as there are many good foster homes and they outnumber the bad folks- she had evey intention of doing this other wise why a leash and handcuffs- jorjigirl or what ever you have no idea or if you have a disabled child maybe we should worry for him or her

lizzi... lizzielu9

"...apparently her mother has done something right for 19 years." Like keep her alive? Good for her. I don't think that just because the girl made it to 19 years old means her mom is a good parent. Handcuffing anyone to a bed so one can go to a wedding is disgusting, selfish and wrong. Wat to go, "mom".

lizzi... lizzielu9

It's not up to the state to make sure that people get handcuffed to beds.

lizzi... lizzielu9

*don't get handcuffed to beds

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