Deputy Beats Up Dad After Discovering Sick Family Love Triangle

man walks in on father and wifeA former sheriff's deputy in Utah walked in on a scene that might as well have been straight out of a B-grade movie the other day. Timothy John 'TJ' Brewer walked in on his wife and his father having sex. Let that sink in a moment. This poor guy walked in on HIS wife (and the mother of his four children) on top of HIS father -- fire chief Wesley 'Corky' Brewer. Good Lord.

TJ reportedly went ballistic (um, of course he did), backhanded his wife, pistol-whipped his father, and then wanted to "finish the job," but before he could, Corky Brewer went home and stabbed himself, puncturing his lung and slicing his liver.

Honestly, it would be hard to imagine a different outcome. The details are just so, so sordid.

According to the reports, TJ was unable to find his wife and father after a dinner together that included drinking. When he went upstairs, he found his son's door locked. Somehow he got in and he found them. In bed together. IN HER SON'S ROOM.

I don't really care how bad your husband is, you just don't do this. With his father. In your child's room? I mean, I don't condone violence, but come on? What would you do? Can you even imagine the betrayal?

Soon after, according to police, he went out and got his gun and pointed it at his wife, who managed to somehow get it away from him and raced to her parents' house.

Now it's TJ Brewer who is paying the ultimate price. He was arrested and isn't allowed to speak to his wife or father, and his visits with his children must be supervised. His wife is saying she won't testify against him, which I guess is good. But still. Wow.

There are affairs and crimes of passion and then there is something like this. It's hard to imagine anything more upsetting than being betrayed by both your spouse and your parent at the same time. Whatever happens, this family is torn apart. What a sad, awful story.

Would you blame someone for being violent if they walked in on something like this?

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Brain... BrainyMommy

An affair is not an acceptable reason for violence and it is especially not an acceptable reason to threaten someone with a gun. Infidelity, while a good reason for a divorce, is not a capital crime. This man has serious anger management issues and has no business being around his children while unsupervised. I suspect his propensity for violence is most likely why his wife sought companionship in the arms of another man.

JAK_m... JAK_momma_2_4

The wife and father deserved it.

jalaz77 jalaz77

JAK-then lets hear your take.

I would testify against him. He is angry, even though she is a whore, he is psycho. Don't feel bad for him at all. Had he acted like a man, walked away, he could of done the worst thing to a mother, gotten full custody of the kids. Now he looks nuts and who is to say he would lose it on a kid? People are pathetic that think its ok to beat the shit out of someone. Shows lack if intelligence, shows you can't handle a 'big boy' conversation. Nope let's use our fists cause that shows I am tough. No it shows you're violent. Unless someone swings at you, man up and use your words.

danie... danielleapril

of course he flipped out. its not like this was a thought out plan. how would you ladies act if u walked in on your mother and husband fucking on your childs bed??? he just reacted and i dont blame him one bit. something this devastating can make people do bad things in the heat of a moment.

Brain... BrainyMommy

@JAK - Sounds like you have some anger management issues, too. I hope and pray, for the safety of those around you, that you are able to work through them. 

IamKr... IamKrystal

Finding your spouse having sex with your Dad is beyond disgusting! While he may have reacted violently I can't say I wouldn't freak out as well! Punches definitely would have been thrown! That's just horrible!

nonmember avatar Vic

They were drinking, he was evidently impaired. Yes if I were to walk into this situation I would probably be a bit violent too, especially if I were drinking. (or had been drinking) I would have probably beat the hell out of both of them and I am a very non violent person. But I tend to agree about the brainy one being condescending. Sometimes people who aren't violent can lose it, it is human nature. NO matter how high and mighty you believe you are in your own mind. Don't pretend to be better than you really are, it isn't very becoming. Have a grand day :)

nonmember avatar Arlene

Shame on wife and shame on dad.. they should be ashamed... nasty!! i feel bad for the dude!! i wonder what his mom thinks... wow shameful!!

Mary Harris

that's nasty on so many levels ya I would fuck up..

Happy... Happydad73


You really have no clue about family betrayal do you? There is a reason they have a temporary insanity defense, its for cases like this. You walk in and see something so outrageous it makes you lose your mind. We had a situation in my family where my wife and my mother were coming to blows. My dad restrained my mother, I picked my wife up and put her in our vehicle to stop them. They had completely lost their minds. The next day they talked and worked it out, but they both went totally insane at that point. Neither one of them were ever violent people but when you lose your mind the past present and future go out the window. Just let someone try taking your kid and see if you don't lose your mind and go crazy violent on them.

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