10-Year-Old Calls 911 on Father Who Forces Him to Make Terrifying Decision

A scared little boy frantically dialed 911 from the back of his dad's car and told the operator he thought he should jump from the car. All because dad was so impaired with drink or drugs or both and driving so recklessly that the little boy thought he was probably going to die unless he hurled himself from the speeding vehicle. This is the kind of decision no 10-year-old should ever have to make. And yet his father, Owen Gilman, reportedly put him in that horrific position. That little boy must have aged 10 years in those backseat moments.

Owen Gilman was driving in Connecticut with his children, his 10-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter, when their dad, who was reportedly wasted on marijuana and possibly booze too, began driving like a maniac.

The little boy was so terrified and thought death was so imminent, that he called 911 from inside the car. According to a police report of the boy's desperate call, "he was considering jumping from the vehicle, as he considered this a better option than crashing at the speeds they were traveling," and that he was "in serious fear for his life since his father was drunk and driving at a high rate of speed."

The boy was right in one respect -- disaster was about to happen. Their car rear-ended a Jeep Cherokee and sent it hurtling down an embankment.

The kids were brought to the hospital and treated for cuts and bruises but were otherwise okay. If the kid had jumped from the vehicle, he would have no doubt been much worse off, but how would he have known that?

Can you imagine being that terrified child -- wondering if you should jump from a speeding car or stay in the car and end up in an accident, and which one would cause the most damage?

And yes, this is the position your own father put you in!

Police say that marijuana was in plain sight in the car. Gilman was charged with multiple counts. The Jeep driver, thankfully, was in fair condiition.

This idiot could have easily killed his kids and strangers on the highway. He didn't, just by pure luck.

But his kids will forever have the memory of being terrified in a car at the hands of dad.

Have you ever been frightened about the way someone is driving?



Image via CBS News

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kelly... kelly24019

Wasted on maijuana?!?

nonmember avatar Kate

Wow, terribly researched and written article. Wasted on marijuna?? I'm suuuuure that's what caused this and not a real impairing drug

Susan Kenoyer-Ebright

i think it was the alcohol... if the parent was on pot, he would be driving extra slow...

danie... danielleapril

i was thinking the exact same as susan. the author might be a bit impaired.

TheCu... TheCuriousOne

He had mixed marijuana and alcohol, for what it seems, and then gotten behind the wheel. Anyway, it's not advised for people to drive on anything, even legal medications that can impair your judgement.

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

lol I'm on the bandwagon with the rest of the posters. Pot may have been in the drug cocktail that this dude was on, but it had to be SOOO much more than that to make him go crazy...

nonmember avatar Gretta

Haha! A terrified child is involved in a car wreck caused by s doped up, drunk Dad and all the stoner Moms do is screech that it couldn't POSSIBLY have had anything to do with the marijuana.

Vericima Vericima

Stoners drive really slow, are they sure it wasnt speed?

laris... larissalarie

Lol, I'm not a smoker and I thought the "wasted on marijuana" was pretty funny too.

That's very sad the father did that to his children, whatever substances he was using. Poor children.

April... AprilJune

I can not believe how many people are defending marijuana, saying it's not an "impairing drug". Yes, it is. Any drug that alters your state of mind is impairing- it doesn't matter HOW it impairs you, just that it does. And just because you think it might make someone drive slower instead of faster doesn't make it fact- that's like people who say they drive BETTER drunk because they're being more careful so as not to get caught. It's all BS. Do you actually want someone who is high on ANY drug driving your kids around?

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