‘Princess’ or ‘Duchess’ Kate Middleton? -- Prince George’s Birth Certificate Clears Up the Mystery!

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kate middletonHear ye, hear ye. The royal baby Prince George's birth certificate has been presented to the world. Prince William signed the official registrar with witnesses as the father. Kate Middleton was listed as the mother, with the title Catherine Elizabeth, Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge. Under occupation was written, "Princess of the United Kingdom." Wait -- what? Kate is a princess already? I'm so confused. I thought she was just a duchess?

Okay ... once again, some of us are scratching our heads over this whole royal titles and job descriptions business. Maybe if you are a royals obsessive, you've got this down pat already. But for the rest of us, here's the 101 on Kate Middleton's title and job.

So yes, Kate's title is indeed HRH Duchess of Cambridge, as conferred by Queen Elizabeth II. From what we can tell, she won't get the title of Princess until Prince Charles becomes King. HOWEVER! Technically Kate Middleton can be described as a princess even though that's not her title. 

So yes, she's called Duchess, but she does princessing for a living. Does that make sense?

Now that we've cleared that up, can we please talk about how crazy it would be to put "princess" in your job description for your child's birth certificate?!? I'm wondering, if Kate can describe herself as a princess, what's stopping the rest of us? I just might start putting that on my forms as well. Occupation: Princess of Park Slope. Or no, why leave it at princess? Occupation: Grand Empress of Park Slope. That's more like it. I advise you all follow suit before any of your neighbors start getting ideas and claiming that job description for themselves.

Have you been a little confused by the royal family's titles?


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I think maybe you people there at The Stir should use baby steps.Until you can navigate around her last name no longer being Middleton,the last place you should be stepping is around royal titles .

bills... billsfan1104

Prima, I agree. I mean how would the writers like it if family members or others were going around and calling them by the wrong name??

LawNO... LawNOrderMommy

Members of the royal family in many countries with functional monarchies are referred to as Princes or Princesses of the Blood whatever their day to day title may be. Despite Catherine not being a hereditary princess she still falls under this age old system of title break down.

cmjaz cmjaz

Lol prima. so true!

Amber Dawn Amburgey

I thought she was a princess considering she married prince william...

nonmember avatar colleen

At my previous employer i used to put "Queen" on any form that asked for job description.....

Von Hansen

A Royal Duchess has the title of Princess if she is married to a Prince of the Blood Royal. Prince Richard's wife, Brigette, is a Princess AND a Duchess, too, as she is married to a Royal Prince.

Kristie Lewis

Do you not do your homework first. You could google, or wiki! She is Princess William Wales, Duchess of Cambridge, Baroness...............honestly, you could have had the answer in no time...

nonmember avatar Kimber

I agree with Prima - STOP STOP STOP calling her Kate Middleton already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nonmember avatar Wendy

She is a princess, generally speaking, because she is the wife of a prince. She is also a Duchess because she is the wife of the Duke of Cambridge (who also happens to be a prince of England.) Catherine will not be Princess of Wales until Charles becomes King (as her husband will then be the heir apparent to the throne and will become Prince of Wales.) However, she is still a princess of the realm of Great Britain. As to that being her job, well, what else should it be? As a member of the royal family she has assumed royal duties. And I am with whoever said STOP calling her Kate Middleton - that is not her name anymore!

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