Ariel Castro's Repugnant Victim-Blaming Statement Makes Us Glad He’ll Go Away Forever (VIDEO)

Ariel Castro

Ariel Castro was sentenced to life in prison today. He was allowed to make a statement and it showed how deranged and sociopathic he is. In a rambling speech that focused mostly on himself, he made excuses for everything he did, refused all responsibility, and even made outrageous claims that the house where he tortured his victims was "normal" and "harmonious."


Castro has invented some kind of sick fantasy world in which the three women he kidnapped, Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight, may have been unable to leave his house, but were otherwise fine and content.

"I'm a good person," he told the judge. "I'm not a violent person. There was a lot of harmony in that house."

He went on to say that sex with the victims was mostly consensual and that they asked him for sex. "As God as my witness, I never tortured these victims, I never beat them," he claimed, despite reams of evidence to the contrary.

Earlier in the day, Castro's defense attorney pointed out that Amanda Berry had described sex with Castro that resulted in the birth of her daughter, Jocelyn, was "consensual." An expert ascribes this to Stockholm Syndrome, in which the kidnapped party eventually becomes so helpless and infantalized that the kidnapper is seen as the "parent."

Earlier testimony said that the women were bound with chains, forced to wear motorcycle helmets when raped, and were often starved, left in severe heat or cold, and otherwise tortured. Castro had the house rigged with a system of alarms that would go off if any of them tried to escape. He also had a gun and often showed it to them to "control" them as he admitted to police.

In his statement, Castro blamed his "sexual addiction" for his kidnapping of the women -- saying he couldn't control himself any more than an alcoholic could control drinking. He also blamed his "stressful" job as a bus driver. He even blamed the FBI for not questioning him sooner.

In his continued blaming of the victims, he said, "These girls were not virgins and had been with multiple partners before me. I did not prey on these women."

He said that since the women "looked" okay, and pointed to recent video of Amanda Berry "partying," then it was proof that they enjoyed being in the house and were not traumatized.

The depths of narcissism on display were truly astounding. As the judge reprimanded him: "You say there was harmony in that house, but I don't think one other person in America would agree with you."

Castro did apologize to the victims and even thanked them for some bizarre reason; however, it was clear from everything he said that this calculatingly cruel individual thinks he did nothing wrong.

He'll have a lot of time in prison to reconsider it.

Does this speech surprise you?

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